May 29, 2010

Tony Clement in a Blatant Conflict of Interest?

By admin

Tony Clement Caught ‘Selling’ for Someone Other Than Canada

It’s like the famous ‘Ichiban’ ad by Joey in Friends.  It’s the ad that no one was supposed to see.

Tony Clement’s original YouTube video can be found here.  Watch around the two-minute point for our famous minister-for-hire, previously made famous by being at the wheel when people were dying from Listeria and when Walkertonians were dropping like flies.

Once again, another Conservative minister seems to be caught in the act, with his hands in the cookie jar, promoting something other than the Government of Canada.

A blatant conflict of interest?

This is good timing, as Tony Clement is preparing to introduce the most draconian set of copyright laws since the term itself came into existence.  If you want to fight the ACTA laws, visit this site and join any of the groups listed.

This potential for a conflict of interest begs questions about other potential conflicts that he and other Conservative ministers might be involved with.

So what can we do?  Lobby to get Tony Clement fired.  It would be a severe blow to the ACTA regulations that they want to bring in.