February 10, 2024

Trudeau Donates $3.1 Billion Public Money to Ford’s Private Health Care System

By admin

Is giving public money to someone who’s committed to privatizing our health care system a good idea?

Apparently so.

Justin Trudeau just donated $3.1 BILLION public tax dollars to Doug Ford’s private health care system.

Strings attached? If they exist, they’re in spirit only.

Doug Ford has made every attempt to privatize the Ontario health care system, starting with small steps that will eventually Americanize our way of being in this province.

When private eye clinics and knee surgery facilities are billing the Ontario public anywhere from two to five times the similar costs of doing these treatments by public practitioners, the system is going to break.

Profits will trump people.

Smart people will jump to the private sector, billing will increase and eventually politicians will cry mercy at the financial disaster they’ve foisted on us.