January 22, 2008

US Economy in Freefall?

By admin

It looks like the market is going to open on a very negative note this morning:
"Futures point to sharply lower open Tuesday"

Making this "Red Tuesday" instead of Blue Monday .

Perhaps this is finally happening because of this:
Missing Trillions
where trillions of dollars have been recorded as missing and trillions more are disappearing?

Or perhaps because of this:
Record Bonuses Paid to Wall Street Execs
where the dis-equilibrium continues, even when Bush Co tries to salvage the economy with extremely poorly thought out take breaks versus real genuine economic repair

Or maybe even because of this:
History of Money & Banking
where people are finally understanding the veneer of corruption that is running our lives.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen today, but I can tell you this: expect a hell of a ride. Bush is likely to seek deflection from his failed economics package and carving of the soul of the US economy (likely in the form of an attack on Iran), more trillions are probably going to vaporize and those who aren’t in cash are going to wish they were.

Blue Monday. Red Tuesday.