January 23, 2014

What’s Happening at the CFIA? And the CBC?

By admin

Recently, the CBC reported that the CFIA has found significant issues with organic food.  In particular, they have reported to the CBC that many foods labeled as ‘organic’ may have been tainted with pesticides.

However, today it seems as though the CFIA has NOT properly investigated their own claims and the CBC is now running around trying to get to the bottom of this story (apparently).

Which begs the questions:  WTF is going on with the CFIA and WTF is going on with the CBC?

There are many issues with this:

  1. Why is the CBC simply narrating the story from the CFIA without adequately researching the issues?
  2. Why is the CFIA reporting potentially misleading results concerning organic food when their research on the issue appears to be incomplete?

I would suggest it’s safe to say that the combined actions of these two organizations have jeopardized the credibility of the still emerging ‘organic’ market.  What appears like disrespect for the public has raised many questions about the intelligence of those who insist on buying organic (including myself).

As a consumer, I honestly don’t know what to do, but it’s imperative that the CFIA get its act together and truthfully report what’s actually happening in the organic business, particularly as it relates to produce, dairy and meat.

If they don’t, a multi-billion ‘industry’ and certainly a lifestyle will be put at risk.

And if they don’t, I come back to asking what this all means?  Is the CFIA acting against the better interests of those Canadians who want to find and purchase unadulterated foods?  Why a little more outlandish, is the petro-chem industry complaining to the CFIA that pesticides are on the wain because of the significant growth of organic farming in Canada and this is how they respond?  Or is the corporate food industry finding that local and independent food producers are putting a ding in their profits?

The whole thing is a mystery, but unfortunately, the damage has been done.  Recovery will be a steep climb.