November 16, 2008

Who is Gerald Celente? Someone to Listen To?

By admin

Here’s a Fox clip (of all sources, yes) from InfoWars, that showcases an interview with Gerald Celente .

Summary of his predictions for America:

  • America, the first ‘undeveloped’ country (no swift solution to economic issues, the steaming turd of a platform that Bush left for Obama)
  • Revolution, riots, rebellion, marches
  • Holidays 2012:  food more important than gifts

I’d like to explore a few of his ‘ideas’ in a little more detail.  Feel free to comment as we move along.

With most people still avoiding the word ‘recession’ in their dialogue, it’s hard to assume that Conservatives will do anything but cut back, cut budgets, and raise taxes as they ‘pretend’ to be surprised by changes in the economy.  I actually count Obama in that camp, despite Reagan-like accusations that he’s a socialist.

The killer question:  what do we do to anticipate these changes?  Don’t spend on wasteful things.

A self-fulfilling prophecy?  Kind of.  The smart thing to do?  Absolutely.

It’s important for people to understand that they don’t have to spend in order to preserve the health of the economy.  It’s important for all of us to appreciate that saving money is not a recent phenomenon.  My parents and their parents did it.  They kept their financial houses in order.  And they are (or were) never ashamed to admit it.  Saving instead of spending still ensures that GOOD jobs are created.  Spending usually ensures that more demand is placed on short-term, low-wage jobs that offer no benefits and no future.

All we have to do is a little more of the same and avoid the ads, the hype and the mania of the holiday season.  I say ‘why wait until 2012’?  Why not stop buying crap from thousands of kilometres away today and start saving it or donating what we have left over to local non-profits and charities that are trying to make a different for people?

When we start really understanding the roots of the economic and financial crisis – that people aren’t buying the big-box globalized market structure that’s being rammed down our throat – only then will we realize that things are actually ok.  For most of us.  The ones that are panicking are the Wal-Marts and the MacDonald’s of the world that might be making money now, but have no hope of a future as we learn how to respect our neighbours again and buy local, build community and pay attention to politics.