October 10, 2021

Covid Journal, October 10, 2021

By admin

Arbitrary Rules are Getting Harder to Follow

I’ve had enough with seeing ‘professional sports’ and fans getting exceptions to gathering in various places while my extended family of 10 people can’t feel like they can get together for Thanksgiving.

If rules are going to be followed, they have to apply to everyone equally. If they aren’t, what’s the point of having said rules in the first place?

What Right Does the Catholic Church Have to Exist?

I’m trying to be logical and scientific about this, although spiteful or emotional is certainly an easy avenue as well.

Last week, the French government unveiled background research related to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of cases of sexual abuse and perversion across the Catholic Church in that country.

Any other organization that perpetuated and protected crimes like this would be abolished.

Can you imagine if a similar report came out about the federal government (which it has, but NOTHING like this) or a company like a Canadian bank, Amazon or Microsoft?

They would be shut down.

They would be cut out of portfolios or voted out by the general public.

So … by what right does the Catholic Church continue to exist?

Why do we tolerate this?

And why does its membership continue to stay on as members, enabling this kind of insanity week after week?

Aren’t they ashamed by the sheer disgusting nature and volume of these crimes?

One might hope that hubris will eventually bring it to an end, but the sense of permanence and allowance with governments and other institutions boggles the mind.

From France to our own backyard, where hundreds of thousands of First Nations children and families were destroyed and yet, no apology.

I maintain that if we don’t open up a broader inquiry into the status of the Catholic Church in Canada, we at a MINIMUM have a right to push for economic and social reconciliation in the form of property grabs and new taxes on assets held by the Church, to be paid to its victims and then the general purse.