Month: March 2009

March 16, 2009

US to Make Growing Your Own Food Illegal?

To be honest, I admit that I feel I’m wading into deep waters of ignorance on this one, but I felt compelled to share this link with the audience that follows Excited Delirium. I’ve seen a few other stories related to the US government’s act to impose limitations on the growth and sale of local or organic foods, but I’m really keen to get feedback […]

March 15, 2009

$3 Billion Reasons to Beware

In addition to the tens of billions waiting in the wings, the Conservative government seems to be obsessed with getting Parliamentary approval on a $3 billion slush fund that’s been set up as an ‘instant’ response to Canada’s dire economic situation. I’m going to start this blog by making a prediction. I predict that the Conservative government with Stephen Harper at the helm does not […]