October 9, 2010

Advertising Boycotts Against Fox Working

By admin

Sometimes it seems like Fox is a bit of an unstoppable train, appealing to every moron in North America, but Media Matters provides us with a ‘feel good’ update:  advertising and media boycotts DO work.

After Glenn Beck called Obama a racist, the gloves came off and literally dozens of major advertisers have pulled funds from his show and other Fox programs.

More can be read about this advance at the Media Matters site.

Lessons to be learned for Canada?  Media boycotts and the withdrawal of advertisers hit the publishers where it hurts:  the bottom line.  In time, they’ll at least rein in some of these clowns and ‘journalists’ in order to continue to keep their heads above the water.

Sun Media and the Globe should take note.

Organizing a boycott is as simple as contacting the advertiser and telling them that they should not be supporting racists in Canada or that believe in gun boat democracy.