October 11, 2010

A Future That Gets Cons Excited

By admin


Repairing social issues or active industries to profit from?

In the US – the world’s largest incarceration system – cities are literally begging state and federal authorities to build prisons in their regions.  In fact, in the wake of the mortgage and housing crisis that is still evolving in the US, most abandoned communities desperately need something like this to keep their communities from complete collapse.

Escape from New York seems like such an impossibility now given the level of lobbying that will happen on every level to be the ‘next big prison jurisdiction’.

Canadians should take note.  Unfortunately, these will be positioned as the holy grail beside defense industry contracts to keep people ‘gainfully’ employed, but what kind of society will we have when all of our economic production and contribution is rooted in violence and fear?

With Stephen Harper promising to build a network of billions of dollars worth of prisons, will our community leaders be jumping at the chance to host these institutions?