June 19, 2024

Another Embarrassment for the CBC

By admin

For those that follow this blog, you’ll know that I do NOT support many of the housing initiatives being proposed by folks from different think tanks and other sources.

Most of them are backed by right-wing, anti-science and climate change denier organizations.

Today, the CBC is quoting from someone who’s advocating that Canadian politicians abandon land-use regulations.

What are Canadian land-use regulations?

  • Requirements that give Canadians a chance to feed themselves
  • Natural habitats
  • Cycling lanes
  • Spaces set aside for public transit
  • Green spaces
  • Historical sites
  • Baseball diamonds and public parks

Wendell Cox – the source being quoted by the CBC – is part of an organization called the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

What is the Frontier Centre for Public Policy?

The actively call out ‘woke’ ideas. They call COVID-related protections totalitarian.

They call indigenous burial findings and issues related to residential schools ‘myths’.

They “also regularly invite to Canada experts like Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chief economic advisor Andrei Illarionov”.

It’s funded by the Heartland Institute, of which he is also a member.

Wikipedia: The Heartland Institute is an American conservative and libertarian 501 nonprofit public policy think tank known for its rejection of both the scientific consensus on climate change and the negative health impacts of smoking.

Founded in 1984, it worked with tobacco company Philip Morris throughout the 1990s to attempt to discredit the health risks of secondhand smoke and lobby against smoking bans. Since the 2000s, the Heartland Institute has been a leading promoter of climate change denial.

Another backing partner is the right-wing Aurea Foundation.

Seeing this kind of stuff really makes me sad for the future of our world when our public broadcaster can’t spend five minutes to research who they’re quoting.

This is why we need ‘truth in advertising’ legislation.