June 18, 2024

Is Canada Vulnerable to ‘The Scheme’?

By admin

I’m fascinated by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and his dozens of YouTube videos titled ‘The Scheme’.

He starts with a reminder that the social changes in the 1960s and beyond were very upsetting to the established white, right class of America.

Women’s rights.

Black rights.

Gay rights.

Environmental rights.

Reproductive rights.

And more.

All of these efforts were mosquitoes in the net begging to deluged with pesticide.

America’s anxious corporate elite knew that something had to be done.

The language of Lewis Powell’s report – dated 1971 – was alarming then and should be alarming now.

  • Marshall all corporate resources
  • United action and national organizations
  • Propaganda effort
  • Enlist scholars and speakers
  • Dedicate at least 10% of total budgets for ‘information’ efforts
  • Review and critique of textbooks, especially political science and sociology.
  • Constant surveillance.
  • Corporate America should always have equal time.
  • This would be a long road.
  • Cultivate political power.
  • Use aggressively and with determination.
  • Do not hesitate.
  • No reluctance to penalize those opposed to this effort.
  • An activist-minded Supreme Court could derail corporate America control of the United States.

No holds barred.

Powell’s memo is a Scheme to capture the Supreme Court of the United States and to exploiting judicial actions.

The questions then:

  • Why have we all been so sleepy and void of attention to these very specific guidelines and tests of democracy in the United States and beyond for the past FIVE decades?
  • Who is Canada’s version of Powell?
  • Who is Canada’s version of Whitehouse?
  • Are our institutions under the same kind of very mechanical and structured attack?

Let’s pay attention to what we have.

The maniacs are about to take over and when they do, we’re going to miss what we had.