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November 27, 2020

Covid Journal, November 24, 2020

If the application of lockdowns are unfair and inconsistent, people will ignore them. Purdue has admitted to being North America’s biggest drug dealer but fines amount to a slap on the wrist.

November 19, 2020

Covid Journal, November 19, 2020

Inconsistency seems more contagious than Covid itself. Is it fair that big boxes don’t have to implement contact tracing or extra measures while small businesses get penalized if they don’t? What can we do NOW to ensure that we’re truly ‘all in this together’?

November 18, 2020

Covid Journal, November 18, 2020

Defile! Defile! Trump and his team are probably resorting to a different kind of ‘defile’ (as in shredding documents before Biden’s team takes over), but they’re also rushing to assault any remaining institutions that they haven’t already laid their hands on. Example: laying bare the Arctic refuge for oil and gas companies, as well as logging and mining interests. The “call for nominations” to be […]

November 16, 2020

Covid Journal, November 16, 2020

A few updates, mainly asking why so many of our mainstream stories have to resort to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to reporting and why we are putting the future of humanity into the hands of people that seem more worried about stock options.

November 8, 2020

Covid Journal, November 8, 2020

A concession speech worth reading; a look at the urban/rural divide with voting; if education is a basic human right, are Ford and Lecce in breach of that commitment?