May 15, 2010

Conservatives Cave to Speaker’s Request

By admin

The Stephen Harper Conservatives finally caved to the will of the people and allowed the opposition parties to have some level of access to documents related to the Afghan detainee issue.

More can be read here about this update.

Still at issue is how long the opposition will allow this regime to maintain its grip on power in Canada.  Will they read the documents and shrink away from this victory, guided only by polls and pundits as opposed to the will of the people of Canada?  Increasingly, Canadians would like to see an election held, if only to be given an opportunity to vote against these crooks (including the opposition parties who’s spinelessness needs to be addressed).

However, the odds are also pretty good that if Stephen Harper approves of the arrangement, there’s a loophole the size of Grand Canyon that will allow him to back out and be slippery as always.  Tragically, this decision will also give the Harper Cons another few months to pilfer the treasury, hand out money to the religious wingnut friends, appoint more lackies to the top tiers of Canadian policy institutions and trash Canada’s reputation on the international scene.

Please make it end and give us a party that cares!