May 15, 2010

MP Spending and The Call for A Clean Slate

By admin

Weeks ago, I posted some thoughts on the rationale and need to create a new party for Canadian federal politics, one which I tentatively called ‘The Progressive Party of Canada’.  Many of you posted comments, several of which bordered on derogatory, accusing me of wanting to fracture Canada’s already shitty environment for politics and the state of democracy that we ‘enjoy’.

Since then, our ‘opposition’ has done nothing but shrink away from any responsibility from actually challenging what I believe is Canada’s most corrupt government in history.  All they seem to care about is self-preservation while Canada goes down in flames.

To make things even worse, the NDP and Liberals have joined the Conservatives in closing the books on their expenses to any kind of official audit.

The total annual expense comes to more than $553 million.  For roughly 400+ representatives.

That works out to roughly $1.3 million per member.

No wonder they want to keep things under wraps.

What are these people afraid of?  That we’ll finally find out what they’re wasting taxpayer money on and we’ll turf the whole lot?

Boondoggles galore?

My guess is yes.

So here’s my suggestion:  we still proceed with a new party, but maybe we don’t proceed with a ‘Progressive party’.  Instead, we proceed with something called ‘The Clean Slate’ and literally start with a clean slate.

Here are a few top-level ideas for The Clean Slate:

  • No more Parliament.  It’s not necessary.  We have the technology and capacity to start fresh with something that is completely different than the putrid system we have now.  ‘Representation’ used to be a requirement when people didn’t have the resources to take things under their own wing.  Now we can.  And we should.
  • Instead, assign rotating groups of representatives made up of people picked from a hat, much like you’d get a jury selected for a trial.
  • Department heads would still exist (ie. we actually hire professionals that are qualified to head such departments instead of posting boneheads who know nothing about what’s being assigned).
  • Assign a rotating head of state or vote on the individual that would represent us as opposed to have to rely on antiquated party selection processes.
  • Eliminate all ties to the monarchy.  Enough with the Queen.  Enough with the Governnor General.  More institutions that waste everyone’s time and money.
  • A focus on decentralization.  Go local.

You get the idea.

Who’s with me?