December 16, 2021

Covid Journal, Day 623-ish (or Dec 16, 2021 edition)

By admin

Surprise, surprise.

Cases are up again.

Skepticism is no doubt likely to rise again as well.

We blew out the candles before making our wish.

Folks, we’ve been at this for two years now. Failure to get to the other side of this pandemic is only going to feed the conspiracies.

Proof of ‘booster’ shots will now be the new low bar for papers. When will it end? How many ‘boosters’ will we need?

If we want to get people on board and stop spreading Covid, I’ve collected just SEVEN easy lessons for all public officials, including health experts and bureaucrats alike:

  1. Public domain for all Covid-related vaccines and a commitment from pharmaceutical companies that they will void profits and bonuses related to Covid vaccines. If this is a human, global pandemic, let’s treat it as such. Failure to get that commitment will only continue to hurt countries that can’t get a vaccine and they’ll be ‘hot spots’ for the rest of us to worry about. More importantly, the longer we drag our feet on this, the more quickly we’ll sow distrust with the pharma companies.
  2. End arbitrary rules. Only 5 people in my house and 30,000 people with half the toilets in the Air Canada Centre? F!ck you. We’re allowing organized sports to continue while the arts languish? Shove it. If I hear another person whining about doing ‘expensive’ PCR tests after their $10,000 luxury cruise in the south, get stuffed. My intolerance is growing against people that are being selfish MOFOs … and I don’t want that to happen. I’m a nice guy. Really 🙂
  3. Shut down cases where the cases originate. If universities are hot-spots for cases, shut them and send students home. I do NOT want my life put on hold because some kid couldn’t keep it in their pants for a weekend or needed to vent mysogynistic views from their rooftops. If there is an outbreak at an Amazon plant or other processing facility, have the balls to SHUT IT DOWN.
  4. EDUCATE about the MRNA vaccine. What it does, how it does it and how it’s NOT toxic to humans. Why do we need a booster and why we’ll need one if we don’t want to die. If we can’t do that effectively, we’re doomed.
  5. INFORM the public about how many ICU beds are full. This is the equivalent of updating us on how many people died when serving in Afghanistan. It kept us focused on the real issue: death.
  6. ENSURE CONSISTENCY with respect to the application of rules. This is similar to #2, but with a little more: restaurants with a capacity for 20 people have been statistically proven that they are not breeding grounds and don’t have the resources to track, monitor, record and report all of the diners they had in their shop. People wandering around Costco with their noses sticking out or munching on free samples without recording their presence are doing a much better job of spreading Covid than the ‘mom and pop’ shops.
  7. Be kind and spread joy. Don’t go to a restaurant or small shop unprepared or in a crabby mood. The young person getting minimum wage really doesn’t need a sh!t sandwich from you. Smile at people, even though your mask is hiding your good mood. We ALL NEED JOY.

Let’s stop making excuses for those with money and the power to influence rules to their accord.

We’ll get out of this pandemic when the application of requirements are universal, reasonable and actionable.

Rant over.

Have a Happy Frickin Holiday! See you in 2022!