December 30, 2021

Covid Journal, Dec 30, 2021

By admin

I’ll be signing off for the year shortly, but can’t help wondering about the Ghislane Maxwell verdict.

I’m glad to see some sense of justice with the circus that’s revolved around Maxwell, but how long before she’s ‘Epsteined’ in jail? I mean, the powers that be won’t want her revealing identities in exchange for leniency, will they?

Pilots took the witness stand and dropped the names of luminaries — Britain’s Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump — who flew on Epstein’s private jets.

Jurors saw physical evidence like a folding massage table once used by Epstein and a “black book” that listed contact information for some of the victims under the heading “massages.”

There were bank records showing he had transferred $30.7 million US to Maxwell, his longtime companion — one-time girlfriend, later employee.

There’s a LOT of names, millions of dollars slushing around and a massive inventory of people that might be brought down by Maxwell if she decides to ‘reveal all’.

Stay tuned to see what happens …

What happens to her will only feed conspiracy theories about who’s running the big show.