July 20, 2021

Covid Journal, July 20, 2021

By admin

I’m boycotting the Olympics.

Normally, I’m on the fence anyways when it comes to the Olympics. On the odd occasion, I enjoy watching some of the activities like swimming or marathons, but this year is VERY different, isn’t it?

Cases are already starting to materialize in the Olympic Village and many senior folks in Japan and elsewhere aren’t going to attend.

Unfortunately, the event feels like a snub to all of us who have spent the last year and a half hiding in our houses, waiting for the plague to pass us by.

Most sports continue to give me this vibe: we’re special, we’re able to recruit all the doctors and cleaning staff necessary to keep turning a buck.

Our kids can’t play football, but people making millions a year can.

Sorry, but it sends a fuc&ed up message about our complete lack of priorities and disrespect for ‘the rest of us’.

Of course, if I were to peel back this onion, I’d find that movies, TV shows and other forms of entertainment are still plowing ahead, despite the risks.

For the record, I’m converted. I’m going to keep using my mask when shopping, keeping distance whenever possible and have (yes!) received my second vaccine update. I might start to question getting a third, fourth, fifth, sixth and so on, but that’s a fun topic for another day.

But what about the 20-30% of our population (bigger in the US) that doesn’t ‘agree’ with science or the need for herd immunity to push back variants and other potential issues?

When we double-down on our own stupidity and refuse to stop the machine for just a few months and keep pro sports alive and keep pushing ahead with events like the Olympics, we’re reinforcing a double-standard.

Do as we say, not as we do.

Therefore, I feel it’s important to boycott the Olympics.