July 22, 2021

Why The Covid Vaccine Should Be Mandatory

By admin

That’s right … I said it: Covid-19 vaccines should be mandatory.

For those who know my history of comments and posts on this blog, you’ll know that I’ve been all over the map when it comes to vaccines.

This statement is big, so I’ll repeat it: Covid-19 vaccines should be mandatory.

I still maintain the ALL Covid-19 vaccines should be forced to become public domain so that the world can access them and produce them without pharmaceutical companies and executives robbing the public.

So why the stern support for mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations?

Let’s unpack the issue.

Vaccine passports are a stupid idea

A number of jurisdictions across Canada and throughout the world are contemplating ‘vaccine passports’.

This overreach and excessive level of bureaucracy would NOT be necessary if vaccines were mandatory.

Breaches of privacy and personal data are inevitable.

Other Vaccines are Mandatory

There’s already an array of vaccines which are mandatory in Canada and abroad.

It’s somewhat shocking, but by the time most kids are in their teens, they’ve had somewhere between 30 and 40 innoculations.

See below for my comments about the ‘backdoor’ on mandatory vaccines.

Traveling Has Always Required Some Level of Vaccination

If you go to the southern islands, you’d be a fool to not get a Hepetitis A/B shot.

If you go to Africa, you’d better update your malaria vaccine.

The list goes on.

As we emerge from isolation and get ‘back to normal’, the shifting rules and rationale with other countries will be all over the spectrum.

If you want to travel, be prepared to be rejected by arbitrary rules imposed by other countries.

A simple message from our national government – Covid-19 vaccines are mandatory – will eliminate all range of questions in this regard.

Protection of Privacy

I’ve alluded to this above, but think about it: each province, your employer, your friends, your enemies, people on the subway, folks in a restaurant ALL want to know what your status is.

Apps are being developed to ‘trace’ people’s interaction with other people that might be infected.

Stop it.

Mandatory vaccines will put an end to this ridiculous emerging infrastructure of invasion of personal privacy.

The Impact on Employers and Employees

We’re seeing the emergence of the question of vaccination in the workplace and whether or not we should have to reveal to our fellow employees and employers our status concerning vaccination.


This is stupid. Companies and employees have no right to know what my choices have been.

All they need to know is that vaccines are mandatory and that I’ve complied with that demand.

We’ve Endured a 1.5 Year Mandatory Lockdown

I maintain that ‘lockdown’ is for unruly prisoners and yet we’ve all accepted mandatory lockdown requirements of some form or other over the last 18 months.

For the 20-30% of our population that wants to keep that going: FUCK OFF.

I want my life back.

I want to travel.

I want my kid to live like a normal teenager and not have to fear every. single. person.

We’re breeding an unprecedented level of ‘shadow pandemics’ related to loneliness, isolation, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, gaming addiction, opioid deaths, too much screen time and a complete lack of love for our fellow people.

Let’s get our priorities straight, OK?

So Many Other Things Are Mandatory (And We Don’t Complain About Them)

Seatbelts. Driver’s License. Fishing License. Fire alarms. Amber alerts.

Etc etc etc.

We live in a world that is balanced between rules and freedoms.

I want more freedoms, so I have to follow a couple of rules.

Why should I risk a few of my personal rights because you want your personal freedom?

Conscientious/Religious Objection: The ‘Backdoor’ to Mandatory Vaccines

You can still say no, but the rest of the public doesn’t have to say yes.

There is a MASSIVE difference.

Think about it.


There you have it folks.

There’s less intrusion on our privacy and our livelihoods if we acknowledge the simple reality: Covid-19 vaccines should be mandatory.

For the record, I DO NOT support a Gestapo-like sub-division of the police or other authorities going around collecting ‘papers’. We can be civilized about this and not shame people into supporting the human race.