June 26, 2020

Covid Journal, June 26, 2020

By admin

Masks – The ‘Debate’ Continues

There actually is NO debate. Wear a fucking mask when you’re out in public.

What I don’t understand is why many of the larger food retailers and processors are still skirting requirements to make employees wear masks.

Or why PPE are still not mandatory with people in high traffic areas, particularly health centres.

What’s at the root of the resistance?

Are they just being sociopaths and inflicting more grief on our society just to save a few bucks? Lord knows they’re doing that with ‘hazard’ pay by cutting back on bumped-up wages introduced in the spring.

Or are you a Trump supporter? You’re too inconvenienced by having to do your thing for society at large?

I used to ask a few questions about vaccines (and still do, but not the science or rationale; just the greed) but got beat up so badly by people hurling verbal abuse at me that I backed off. Now, I feel somewhat entitled to possess the same emotion when people refuse to cooperate for the greater good.

I’m stuck at home because you – pointing a finger at the assclown who thinks his beard will get too ruffled by wearing a mask – refuse to help society evolve from this shitstorm. Stop being so narrow minded and selfish and WEAR A MASK.

$11 Billion Settlement for Planet Destroying Product

I’m in a bit of a salty mood this afternoon, so bear with me …

Bayer (Monsanto) just paid nearly $11 billion Canadian to keep things to a dull roar when it comes to their highly toxic weed killer, Roundup.

It seems glyphosate and related products aren’t that great for the planet after all (like we needed a reminder).

All you pricks out there who have to have a perfect, Roundup ready lawn had better be ready for a return to nature because Roundup and other glyphosate related products will cease to be available.

And if you DO continue to use? You’re just a sociopathic as the pricks who refuse to wear masks in public.

Expect Bayer to continue with appeals.

My opinion on this? A company that’s this sociopathic (there’s that word again) should have it’s corporate license removed. Shareholders get told to fuck off, assets go to the state to be auctioned off and ANY cash left over goes to the people who have contracted life-threatening or ending cancer as a result.

If only we could sue on behalf of bees …

We Need To Save Non-Profits

CBC ran a story on how Covid and subsequent restrictions have crushed the life out of many non-profits across Canada.

So many charities, fundraisers, events and cash donations have come to a complete stop.

As the weeks wear on, the tasks taken on by non-profits aren’t available any more and it will result in thousands of people taking to the street, women and children not having shelter from abusive partners and food banks running out of food.

We need very real action to keep these organizations afloat.

These are social instutions that protect those who need it the most.

When this is done and we move on, we need to ask ourselves ‘how did we help those who couldn’t help themselves when they needed it the most?’