June 29, 2020

Covid Journal, June 29, 2020

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America: The Failed State

This article blows the lid off Covid and the American response to the virus.

And how it points to America as a failed state.

Incomparable cases and death rates, especially on a per capita basis.

Unprecedented unemployment.

Explosive racism coming to a head against white America.

Inability to trust, implement or plan effectively without massive stupidity obstructing the way.

Insurmountable debt loads unlike any other generation has seen before. And that will take hundreds of generations to pay off.

The article tries to define a bottom for the United States, but that seems impossible when the arse is at the top.

Americans don’t have a grasp of the severity of their own problems because their leader refuses to be anything but a partisan moron.

What should Canada’s response be to this increasingly volatile situation?

Protect ourselves.

Keep the borders closed, except to trade, although that might not last long either. Find new partners and diversify QUICKLY. Continue to take measures that prevent the spread of Covid as opposed to doubting the basic truths of things like masks and safe distancing.

Justin’s Massive Conflict of Interest

A federal initiative was announced a few days ago and all signs point to it being an effective way to encourage young adults in Canada to participate with the not-for-profit industry.

The only catch? The entire program will likely be scrapped before it sees the light of day because it’s riddled with conflict of interest.

Trudeau is defneding his choice. The Conservatives have started to beat the drums of indignation concerning the conflict.

The Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG) program, announced yesterday, will provide post-secondary and recent graduates with cash grants in exchange for hours spent volunteering with non-profit organizations. The program targets students hoping to save for their post-secondary education who are having trouble finding summer jobs due to the pandemic-induced economic slowdown.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending the government’s decision to enlist a Toronto-based charity with close ties to his family to administer its student volunteer program, saying the WE Charity is the only organization capable of executing a nationwide program at this scale.

Speaking to reporters from a Kanata, Ont., brewery on Friday, Trudeau said federal civil servants concluded that WE has the resources and network in place through its existing activities that will allow it to connect thousands of students seeking volunteer opportunities with organizations across the country.

This seems like a very sad statement coming from the federal public service which, last I looked, was a qualified national organizationt that should be capable of executing a program like this.

So now we’ll have billions of funds running through the hands of a multitude of non-government employees, likely charging the federal government a ‘surcharge’ or processing fee of sorts.

Justin Trudeau is privatizing the federal government right under our noses.

And things were going so well for Junior.

The government is paying WE $19.5 million to cover its costs.
Put that in the bank for when Junior decides that politics isn’t for him any more.

Here are a few comments from the Con call for an investigation:

The federal Conservatives are calling for an investigation into the Liberal government’s decision to have an international charity administer a $900-million program designed to help students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The request is contained in a letter sent to Auditor General Karen Hogan on Sunday in which the Tories argue that “outsourcing” the Canada Student Service Grant to WE Charity undermines Parliament’s ability to monitor the aid program.

The Conservatives also noted the “well documented” connections between WE and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as they underscored the importance of transparency, accountability and value for money in Ottawa’s COVID-19 spending.

“By outsourcing this program to a third party, the proper channels for Opposition scrutiny, the very bedrock of our parliamentary democracy, have been circumvented,” reads the letter signed by Conservative MPs Pierre Poilievre, Dan Albas and Raquel Dancho.

If I were organizers of the WE Charity, I’d be doing everything possible to back out of this deal, despite the prospect of unprecedented cash flow from the government. Not only does this put any donations or participation from Conservative-minded folks from this point on, it will pretty much guarantee that if the Conservatives are ever elected again, they’ll pursue you with everything they’ve got.

Last but not least, why do we continue with any kind of age-based (biased) program? What does it matter if the person is 20 or 90 and they’re volunteering some time? What about a kid that’s 16 and just trying to get into the work force?

I have to be honest: I’m 50+ and these age-based programs designed specifically for older students suck.