March 5, 2022

Covid Journal, Mar 5, 2022 (WWIII Edition)

By admin

I’m upset. I’m at a loss.

For decades, people of the west have been spending trillions on NATO, the UN and other organizations designed to ‘protect’ the Wset.

On the domestic level, police forces – national, provincial, municipal – extract more than a third of most local budgets so they can ask us what insurance company we’re with when something happens. Canadaland recently posted a podcast about Ottawa’s ex-police chief that forces you to give a serious head shake. All kinds of accusations. Limited actions.

We don’t respond when the shit comes down.

Whether it’s the domestic or international front, all I can think is that we are THROWING OUR MONEY AWAY and its ALL A BIG SCAM.

The incompetence.
The impotence.
The inaction.

We kick the shit out of countries that the US wants to control.  Back in the Bush era, every excuse under the sun was made to invade countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lybia, Venezuela and more. I’m not defending any of those countries, but we had very slim reasons for taking the action that we took.

And when our country’s capital or independent peaceful countries are at stake, the enforcement we paid for doesn’t show up.

I just need to ask. WHY? Shouldn’t we all be asking this question?

Why are we allowing terrorists in Canada to terrorize other law-abiding citizens or international dictators take over another country without doing anything? Is it because they’re white? Is it because they have oil?

Why are we allowing yet another dictator expand his empire while we sit in the sidelines, watching Ukraine burn?

WTF is wrong with us?

It’s time we took a SERIOUS look at the military / surveillance / security infrastructure that taxpayers fund from their own pockets.

Are we getting our money’s worth?

Now … don’t get me wrong. I don’t want WWIII, but it’s time we pushed all of the pieces into Ukraine with a very strict ‘don’t fire until fired upon’ order. Why is NATO backing off any sense of protecting the good people of the Ukraine? Am I missing something?

Isn’t this just Poland or the Czech Republic or Austria or Norway or Belgium all over again?

The whole situation in the Ukraine reminds me that we used to have something very effective that Stephen Harper and others effectively dismantled back in their day.

Oh yeah … it was the UN Peacekeeping Forces. They’d be handy to have around now. Why isn’t anyone talking about sending them at least to Ukraine to help out?

I’m at a loss …

Someone please reassure me that I’m confused and that good things are happening.