February 16, 2022

Covid Journal, Feb 16, 2022 (What the Truck Edition)

By admin

How Trudeau Prevented WWIII

The #FluTruxKlan has received a disproportionate amount of money from the US and even Russia.

They’ve also been fed a LOT of disinformation, particularly from propaganda rags like Russia Times, now known as RT.

RT questions pretty much everything under the sun in a quest to destabilize and divide people in the west.

I’m going to toss around some wild-assed speculation here, so bear with me:

  • The #FluTruxKlan was mislead by and partly funded by Russia
  • The timing of the Russian buildup along the Ukraine border pairs perfectly with the timing of the convoy in Canada
  • Trudeau stared them down and as the Covidiots did vile things like pissing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and defiling a TRUE hero like Terry Fox, he stood firm and did not back down from vaccination requirements for entering the US … because it’s a US mandata that Canada is simply following
  • The #FluTruxKlan did everything they could to further taunt the Prime Minister and others into a violent reaction without cause.
  • A rapid reaction would have resulted in a powder-keg situation that would have sent ripple effects of distraction across Western countries.
  • By intentionally dragging out the potential crisis, Trudeau showed other world leaders that the #FluTruxKlan is a tempest in a teapot and the REAL concern was Russia invading the Ukraine, effectively creating World War III
  • The distraction failed.
  • Russia has ceased its ‘military training exercises’ (for now)

See what I’m getting at? No other world leader faced the pressure that Trudeau did (and still does), but by dragging out the #FluTruxKlan protest, he avoided an explosive situation just when Russia was primed.

Bullet dodged.

FFS, Shut it Down

On that note, FFS, SHUT IT DOWN.

Canadians have had enough of the whiny kids in the sandbox that can’t get their way.

The Emergency Measures Act will pass in Parliament tomorrow (Feb 17).

The federal government is being forced to do what Ottawa police would not: clear the city.

I have to say, I’ve been in my fair share of protests and the near-military presence of THOUSANDS of officers protecting property always sent a very intimidating tone.

The Ottawa effort? Handing out pamphlets and helping Covidiots carry dangerous jerry cans around the city.

FFS. Shut it down. Take the trucks. Take their licenses.

No wonder people want to defund the police.