October 21, 2020

Covid Journal, October 21, 2020

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OxyContin: An Epidemic Spread by a Single Family

Another case of corporate drug dealers reaping the benefits of a failed system and getting a slap on the wrist compared to the cost they’ve imposed on society.

US courts today ruled on the state of the opioid crisis generated in North America, essentially by a single family.

A $225 million penalty.

Perdue Pharma LP pleaded guilty to helping spread addiction, reaping more than $30 billion in cash flow as a result.


the family and shareholders struck a dealwith U.S. prosecutors that effectively sidestepped paying billions of dollars in penalties and stopped short of criminally charging its executives or wealthy Sackler family owners.

In a far-reaching agreement unveiled on Wednesday, Purdue formally admitted to criminal conduct related to distribution of its painkillers and agreed to pay $225 million US to resolve U.S. Justice Department investigations.

Prosecutors imposed significant penalties exceeding $8 billion against Purdue¬†though the lion’s share will go largely unpaid.

Purdue agreed to pay $225 million toward a $2 billion criminal forfeiture, with the Justice Department foregoing the rest if the company completes a bankruptcy reorganization dissolving itself and shifting assets to a “public benefit company” or similar entity that steers the unpaid portion to thousands of U.S. communities suing it over the opioid crisis.

A $3.54 billion criminal fine and $2.8 billion civil penalty are likely to receive cents on the dollar as they compete with trillions of dollars of other claims from those communities and other creditors in Purdue’s bankruptcy proceedings, according to court documents and people familiar with the matter.

The Sackler Family have effectively murdered more than 400,000 people in North America since 1999, or about 20,000 people per year. If you have a relative, son or daughter, parent or even if you were affected by OxyContin, the odds are that these people had a role in it somehow.

Jail time should be mandatory.

And no, Hell probably doesn’t have a level low enough to accommodate them.

By the way, what about the thousands of doctors that acted as middle-people, pushing these highly addictive pain killers, knowing full well they were creating an army of addicts?

Maybe some people should start losing their licenses over stuff like this.

#ByeBerta or #Albertoss?

I see pee.

You see pee. (get it … UCP?)

We all see pee.

Welcome to the new kids rhyme book created by friends of Jason Kenney.

The latest release concerning the educational objectives demonstrates that there is no bottom when it comes to how low they’ll stoop to brainwash young kids.

The changes will make them the laughing stock of the entire world.


Curriculum advisers hand-picked by the Alberta government are recommending changes to the¬†kindergarten-to-Grade 4 curriculum for fine arts and social studies that would eliminate all references to residential schools and their harms to Indigenous people while removing references to “equity.”

… First graders should learn Bible verses about creation as poetry and fourth graders should learn that most non-white Albertans are Christians.

Educational experts also say the proposed changes are regressive, racist, unsupported by research and would put Alberta’s school curriculum vastly out of step with most of North America.


Changes aren’t final, but we know these are typical trial balloons being floated by some of the ‘experts’ concerning how to brainwash and manipulate young kids.

We can expect more nonsense from the Kenney government in the months and (ugh) years to come, but beware the influence that these directions will have on school boards across the country. Remember that Erin O’Toole is a puppet on display, controlled by the same voices that whisper in Kenney’s ears, as well as those of Ford, Moe and other Conservatives across the country.

Maybe it’s time the rest of Canada finally started talking about getting Alberta out of Confederation? A more productive form of a WEXIT discussion.

Can we pick #ByeBerta or #AlberToss?