June 23, 2011

Dutch Pass Net Neutrality Law. Where’s Ours?

By admin

The Dutch government recently introduced legislation that would ensure Net Neutrality for Dutch users.  Chalk another one up to cool Dutch people 🙂

So … where’s Canada when it comes to Net Neutrality?  Well, it’s likely this will never materialize in the form of something positive.  In fact, it’s more than likely that we’ll be seeing something more like a push towards tighter regulations, more surveillance (this has already been admitted the Harper regime) and more punishment for those who break the rules.

Anything to suck up to our monopoly media companies!

The only way to avoid this:  we have to put our progressive heads together and figure out how to launch our own network.  Since there’s 60% of us that didn’t vote for Harper (and the media companies that are backing him up), and a good chunk of those people want serious change, that should work out to several million people who could be tapped to fund such a project.

So … how do we get things started?