June 23, 2011

I Want My CREDO Mobile Service

By admin


CREDO is a service in the US that gives mobile subscribers an opportunity to break away from mainstream carriers that are supporting Tea Partiers, Climate Change debunkers and other media clowns that are contributing to the decline of society.

Alternet has a package available with CREDO and it begs the question:  why can’t I get something like this in Canada?

Right now, there are three options:

  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Telus

All of the others are either partners or subsidiaries of said companies.  The mainstream players are impossible to avoid in Canada, unless you’re willing to settle for Wind Mobile, the same company that helped fund Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak for the last couple of decades.

Anyways, if anyone knows of a tangible and practical approach to mobile in Canada, I’m all ears.  I’m dying to cancel my Rogers account because I’m sick of having them steal from me.