As it stands, the Canadian economy and democratic institutions are in a state of paralysis.

Iggy is now courting the evangelicals.  He is silent on issues related to Bush being a war criminal and slush funds created for the benefit of the Cons and people that support them.

Harper is … well, Harper.  There have been many articles posted here and by other bloggers (most in the ProgBlog realm) that have clearly (and easily) identified the foibles and wretchedness of this man’s government.  He and his party are currently reaching up to touch bottom.

And what are the alternatives?

The NDP is plunging in the polls and the Green Party will likely never get a seat, despite their rising popularity.  Instead, the Greens will only shred all hope of any of the other parties from gaining a majority.

I’ve backed away from supporting politicians because none of them have offered the kind of inspiration, consistency in position and reliability as leaders.

That said, I can’t help but to provide policy recommendations.  I guess it’s in my blood.

In the following weeks, I’ll post a number of articles devoted to the topic "How to Win a Canadian Election".  I invite all of you to provide comments and your ideas as well, partly because I trust your opinion, but also because I think we might have a serious crack at creating ‘the ultimate progressive handbook’ or for anyone that wants to abide by it.  I don’t there’s much of a point in creating a new party, mainly because it’ll just force another split down the left, but I haven’t closed that door either.

My goal will be to keep things simple and I’ll do my best to provide additional research when necessary.

In most cases, I’ll also do my best to identify two elements:

  1. Policy:  What is the specific action that I’m recommending
  2. Strategy:  what is the intended outcome of this idea, chiefly from a campaign tactical perspective

Again, if you have feedback or ideas to share on this, please post comments and get the dialogue rolling.