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March 22, 2009

How To Win A Canadian Election

As it stands, the Canadian economy and democratic institutions are in a state of paralysis. Iggy is now courting the evangelicals.  He is silent on issues related to Bush being a war criminal and slush funds created for the benefit of the Cons and people that support them. Harper is … well, Harper.  There have been many articles posted here and by other bloggers (most […]

October 28, 2008

Unite the Left – Lloyd Axworthy

I’m always loathe to quote from Canwest Media, but Lloyd Axworthy posted this op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen that you might be interested in. I have issue with the notion that the opposition parties have to unite, mainly because their views are too disparate.  As I’ve said before, this is the inevitable ‘long tail’ of politics, where fragmentation of power occurs as a result of […]