May 30, 2024

Is Poilievre’s Axe the Tax Campaign an Appeal to Confederates?

By admin

In recent weeks, Poilievre has been using the environment as his whipping horse for drumming up new conscripts to his F*ck Trudeau campaigning. On many occasions, he’s been out and about wearing this look:


Besides the obvious annoyance and nausea-inducing rhetoric from Poilievre, there was something that really bothered me about the iconography of the ‘Axe the Tax’ logo.

And then it struck me. It’s this:


The Confederate Flag.

Officially, it’s known as the ‘Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America‘.

And the leader of the opposition is running around the country of Canada using this subtle yet effective trick of manipulating those who long for the ‘good ole days’ when we could own other people and force our wives to the bedroom and kitchen.

The use of the X is also commonly used by;

Wake up Canada!

Trump 2.0 is ready to take the helm of our great country and we’re going to let him because he lies almost as much as Trump does.