June 12, 2024

Foreign Influence: If TikTok is a threat to my security, why aren’t Google and Meta?

By admin

Yay – the folks at the CBC are finally asking the right questions when it comes to technology, data, security and yes, foreign influence.

What’s the difference with respect to private information when megatech companies trade our activities around like we’re just stocks on an exchange, to be bought and sold to whomever wants our info?

‘Foreign influence’ should be any body that controls or shapes our public lives.

Privacy should be that. Tech giants – regardless of where they’re located – shouldn’t view our data as a right, even though consumers always have to remind themselves of the ‘high cost of free’.

What are your thoughts on the foreign influence situation? Why is it that some tech giants from non-North American countries require attention from politicians and yet North American companies get away with collecting pretty much everything we do?