October 5, 2010

It’s Official: Canada is Being Run by … (fill in your description here)

By admin

Tony Clement claims that one voter complaining to the government is enough to change policy.  Oooooo kkkkkkk.  I know the Cons got in with a VERY small volume of votes, but I didn’t realize it was just one.  I thought we still lived in a democracy.  Guess not.

Maxine Bernier has counting issues.  The ‘thousands’ of emails were ‘deleted’ from records.  Yeah … like that happens every day in a government office.

According to a CBC poll, more than 82% of respondents believe that the survey is not intrusive.  But if you’re a Con, don’t worry about the numbers.  They’re just made up by some wacky scientician!

Getting back to the issue at hand:  one complaint may be enough, proving to the rest of us that as far as the Conservatives are concerned, Canadians no longer count.

And since we no longer count, where can I go to stop paying my taxes?

And … where’s our ‘opposition’ on all of this?