October 5, 2010

Power: Creating Financial Slaves for Oil Barons

By admin

Through the 1960s and into recent times, Ontarians have been cajoled into making bad decisions when it comes to our energy options.  We had nuclear rammed down our collective throats by over-zealous and naive politicians that thought 25,000 years of radioactive half-life was OK.

The trade-off was a dynamically growing and robust economy that was a hydro pig known as the Car Industry.

Well, that industry has collapsed, but we’re still all shaking our collective heads wondering at the ‘debt servicing charges’ that appear on our monthly bills.

Forty or fifty years ago, the nuke industry got a fat pay cheque and wicked-assed party and we’re paying the tab.  And we’ll keep paying it for decades to come until power generation is transferred to people and not corporations.

Today (thanks to a blog article from Buckdog) I read that Saskatchewan is poised to make the same ridiculously stupid decision to allow nukes for the sake of creation of ‘cheap’ power.  This time, however, it’s not intended for the the manufacturing base of the province.

No … it’s to subsidize the extraction of dirty oil for decades to come.

Talk about stupid.

When are people going to learn?

Why don’t they take the $20 or $30 billion that the industry is probably skulking around looking for and dump it into something that will propel them forward in the renewable space (like R&D, investment in infrastructure, etc)?