June 10, 2010

Merger Madness: Should the Liberals Just Disband?

By admin

Amid the talk of merging two extremely inconsistent parties, I have another suggestion:  the Liberals should consider disbanding.

Hear me out …

The Liberals have been on a downward swing for a number of years, arguably decades.

The leadership through the 1990s was either self-indulgent or slashed at federal budgets more than any tight-fisted socon ever would.

In today’s state, they’ve failed to differentiate themselves when it comes to policy.  They either side with the Conservatives or they have nothing.

Their current leader is a putz.  Just because he’s sitting low in the polls doesn’t mean it’s time to take a break when it comes to breaking up the potentially devastating pile of steaming turd called the 2010/2011 fiscal budget and omnibus bill.  You could have supported the budget, but you didn’t have to eat all of the crap that came with it.

In fact, we are dealing with the most corrupt and irresponsible government Canada has ever seen and both the Liberals and the NDP are enabling them to exist.

Their legacy has faded into a waft of self-delusion and aristocracy.  There was nothing democratic about the crowning of Sir Michael.  There was no effort to engage Canadians in the process.  There was only an effort to disengage from someone who was actually a really decent Parliamentarian (Dion).

Of course, from a party perspective, are there other options?  Are the NDP under Jack Layton any better?  Brad Lavigne argues that they’ve done substantially well and he’s correct.  The only problem is that Jack is busy selling off his union card in exchange for a Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation subscription, doing everything he can to keep the current socon crowd afloat.

I’m frustrated because my options have run out.  You could argue there’s the Pirate Party or the yellow socons called the Green Party.  Realistically, neither of these are realistic choices.

All I want to do is defeat the Conservatives.

So … suggestions?