June 9, 2010

Trash Talk and Tim’s

By admin

I’ve decided to stray from the usual venting about news in the Canadian political arena. There’s simply too much ticking me off and making me feel helpless as a voter to comment on.

I’ve chosen instead to target Tim’s. Yes, the venerable institution of Canadian coffee consumption, Tim Horton’s.

Is it me or do others agree that people that consume Tim Horton’s have the most reckless disregard for the environment?

Why is it that Tim’s cups or packages represent the most abundant volume of trash that I see on the ground, in my neighbourhood, on streets, and around schools?

What compels someone to just guzzle down a double-double and then just pitch the cup out the window?

What kind of slobs are these people?

Obviously, given the massive use of drive-thrus, they seem to be people who are willing to throw their mother in front of a bus rather than get out of their gas-sucking SUVs and walk into the store.

Now, in fairness, I see a significant volume of McDonald’s wrappers, Wendy’s cups and other crap from fast-food restaurants lying on the ground as I walk from work or bring my kid to the park. The culprit is usually carries the same theme: fast food. Of course, this whole scenario invites the question (and opportunity) about having a packaging tax for all of these fast food companies.

However, the lion’s share and gold medal goes to Tim’s. If you think I’m wrong, do your own test and give me your feedback.

So again … what is it about these people? Are they lazy? Stupid? Destructive? Both?

And even though I promised that I’d stay away from politics, what is it about politicians sucking up to Tim’s lovers? Every “press” meeting that Stephen Harper has held in Canada in the last two years seems to have been at a Tim’s. Do they do this because they know that people that vote conservative are regular residents of the Tim Horton’s Environmental Devastation efforts? Do they make appealing targets for crappy policy like no HST on doughnuts, but HST applied to books and produce, a la Dalton McGuinty?

What is it about this crowd that wields so much political influence and yet offers nothing in terms of the environmental future of this country?

I’m tempted to organize a “Tim Trash Weigh-In” contest, where people in various communities go around their neighbourhoods, pick up the Tim’s Trash and compete with each other to see who collects the most. Of course, the irony might be lost on the winning team, but it’d be worth the press.

In time, I hope that we ALL learn that not everything is disposable and we should heed the lessons of our Scout leaders: leave the place better than when you got here.