February 7, 2022

Ottawa State of Emergency

By admin

Ottawa has declared a state of emergency.

Political and law enforcement inaction has resulted in the ‘truckers’ getting more deeply embedded in the streets of Ottawa (and other cities), like ticks burrowing in on a hairy dog.

Canada is watching its own version of January 6 in real time, in a very Canadian way. So far.

I’m angry, but sadly, my greatest action to date in OPPOSITION of the terrorists who occupy Ottawa is unfriending unsavoury people on my social networks.

BUT … I’ll get there. And folks that so far just write about the issue need to find a creative way to put an end to the occupation of Ottawa.

I’m hopeful that we’ll all find some way to properly vent our frustration and anger and help the good citizens of Ottawa survive the trucker seige, legally, lawfully and with a truly Canadian respect for civility.

Just in case you need a reminder, even if the Canadian government gave in to the ‘demands’ of these folks (making them more terrorists than protesters), they’d still be rejected at the border because of US requirements. AND about 95% of health-related implementation is at the provincial level, where most Conservative governments have failed miserably, so let’s start calling this ‘trucker convoy’ what it is: angry WEXITeers that have weeks to spare when others are trying to do their jobs and who are likely backed by a foreign country or company owners that want to destabilize our beautiful country.

Maybe we should all start our own Go Fund Me account that helps funnel cash towards the legal bills that will mount now that the good citizens of Ottawa have launched a lawsuit against the organizers and participants in this siege.

Maybe some arrests will be made. Probably not on the scale of G20 standards, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed for an updated version of ‘kettling’.

Maybe we’ll get the commitment to completely and thoroughly audit donation sites in order to identify whether or not they’ve just become platforms for foreign-state interventions and money laundering sites.

Maybe Canadians need to start their own protests. Simple things like writing your MPs and telling the Conservatives and PPC representatives that we will ALWAYS remember that they tried to ride the wave of stupidity influencing Yellow Vest, 2.0 and that their likelihood of having any credibility in national politics drops EVERY DAY they support the goons invading Ottawa.

Maybe law-abiding Canadians will demand that media companies be a part of the solution, rather than just giving these idiots a megaphone.