February 8, 2022

Covid Journal, Feb 8, 2022 (A Plea To Sensible Canadians)

By admin

Hi everyone,

Canada needs us.

I’m hoping our collective progressive brains can elaborate on ideas or knowledge of whether or not there are some positive ways that the 99% or so sane Canadians can respond to the trucker occupation in Ottawa and other locations.

I tell you, I’m worried. In fact, this has all the markings of an extreme destabilization, depending on what happens next.

I’m talking about the trucker protests taking place across the country of Canada. More and more, I’m convinced that they are supported for a foreign entity (government or corporation or individual(s), take your pick) that is intent on bringing down our government.

In true Canadian fashion, I’m not interested in putting the gloves on or ‘keeping the powder dry’. I want a sensible response to the madness that has overtaken our lives.

Let’s start with questions. Please post your answer below or feel free to share them elsewhere. You can email me directly at author@exciteddelirium.ca.

  • Is there a donation site for the lawsuit with Paul Champ in Ottawa to create an injunction against the noise?
  • Are there people pushing enforcement authorities to take more action? So far, the complete inaction with local, provincial and national police has been embarrassing and begs a repeat of the question ‘why shouldn’t we defund the police’?
  • Are there any petitions or other actions / counter protests that are taking place?
  • Can we push politicians (especially federal) to enact severe criminal penalties for blocking international shipping areas, with possibility of jail time and/or permanent ban on getting a trucking license?
  • Will there be a FULL investigation into the funding sites, with a threat of auditing for foreign-state or foreign-company interference and possibly even an attempted coup?

Just a few ideas, but I think the more we let the trucker protest settle in, the more devastating it’s going to be for anyone and everyone that’s tried to have a level head about the last two years of health requirements.

Let’s shut it down in a most Canadian way.