October 28, 2008

Paulson’s Plan and the Sucker Who Bought It

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Folks, this bailout money isn’t about loosening credit for consumers or businesses, but consolidating wealth and power in fewer and fewer banking hands. That’s great business for the banking elites, but lousy business for the US taxpayer. And it’s all being orchestrated by one of their own, in the shape of Hank Paulson , ably assisted by Neel Kashkari , another ex-Goldman Sachs employee (with, according to the US Treasury , expertise in mergers and acquisitions — what a surprise), and now responsible for administering the banking handouts.

Still, there’s a Presidential election in the offing, and most people’s attention is elsewhere; currently, it seems, on the cost of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. Meanwhile, the future earnings of US citizens are being siphoned off into supporting the empire building of the US banking oligarchy.

Stupid, stupid people.

The best part of this story:  the comment that provides this link .  If you don’t want to wait through the 47-minute presentation, the point is this:  money =debt.