September 11, 2015

So Harper DID Fire His Campaign Manager Midway Through the Campaign???

By admin

Cancel all the media buys.  The advertising advantage is quickly fading for the Conservatives because Stephen Harper is doing his thing for political refugees and immigrant savants.

At least as far as Lynton Crosby from Australia is concerned.

Harper will be blowing big money on this gigantic crap shoot of a plan to bring on the ‘king maker’ for right-wingers.

This ‘Lizard of Oz‘ has been brought on to the Harper team in an incredible lunge of faith based on his previous success in helping get slimy, detestable characters into power, forever altering the future of this little home we call Earth.

Described as an anti-immigrant, racist spin doctor, Lynton Crosby will soon take the still-warm seat of Ms. Byrne on the tour bus.  Just the man Steve needs to whip up the emotion of his prejudiced old, white guy base.

According to one of his clients, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London (UK),

If you were stuck in a muddy trench and pinned down by enemy fire, you’d want Lynton by your side

So … Stephen Harper, clearly having ‘excused’ (of course not fired) his previous campaign manager Jenni Byrne (very quietly, without much fanfare because they can’t handle any more truth about their candidates), has taken on at least one new political advisor.

As an aside, we clearly see now that there actually IS an international right-wing conspiracy to rule the planet and it seems Lynton Crosby is the man doing most of the dirty work.  If we ever saw something like this take shape on the left of the spectrum, there would certainly be hell to pay.  Which is exactly WHY the left has got to get its act into gear and do everything they can to pull in as many intellectual and political heavy-weights from around the world before October 19.

Yes, it’s that critical.  Because like or not, Stephen Harper has basically acknowledged that he will do everything he can for his oil bosses to stay in charge of Canada’s Parliament.  If he doesn’t, he’ll have a boo-hoo hissy fit and not lead a minority government.

In summary, to paraphrase Boris Johnson, let’s hope instead that Stephen Harper stays in the miry pit, that he belongs in, like the dinosaurs that spawned the Tar Sands before him, along with his trough-sucking patriots that are doing every buffoonish act under the sun to bring him down to join them.