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December 31, 2008

All the Best for 2009!

Well folks, 2008 was … interesting. I lived through what felt like Canada’s first tumble into dictatorship, thanks to Steve.  I watched the opposition parties collapse into one blend of bad policy to be picked up by another dictator-wanna-be. In the media world, I’ve help initiate a media boycott against the like of Bell, Rogers and Canwest that I hope will pick up speed in […]

December 26, 2008

Canada’s Political (Colour) Spectrum

Is a Green just a yellow Blue? Is an Orange just a yellow Red? No. The Greens in Canada are substantially better than the Blues and the Reds can’t hold a candle to the Oranges. In 2009, Purple will be the colour of Parliament. With the help of Red, Blue become the furthest right on the spectrum (see below). The Reds under Ignatieff have merged […]

December 11, 2008

The Coronation of Bush-lite & Harper-lite

OK … so for once in my life, I actually find myself agreeing with Stephen Harper. No, hell did not freeze over. Even though we don’t elect leaders in Canada, we have a tendency of seeing the leader of any party as the personality that we’re collectively voting for. A way to correct this would be to push us towards multi-issue/person voting cards, including the […]

December 9, 2008

Stephen Harper Lying to the People of Canada?

I’m listening to Peter Mansbridge interview Stephen Harper and I’m appalled by the string of lies and contempt that this man continues to show for the people of Canada. In particular, Mansbridge asked him about the efforts that Harper made in 2004 to work with the Bloc to form a coalition to oppose the Liberals.  Harper denied that they did anything of the sort. Here’s […]

December 4, 2008

A Challenge to All Media Companies: Reject Conservative Ads

As GM, Shopper’s Drug Mart and other companies yank their media budgets from TV and print ads, this challenge will be difficult to swallow, but hear me out. We all know Stephen Harper has done a very bad thing.  He has just leaned on the Governor General to declare him dictator of Canada for another 54 days to January 27, 2009 at which point we […]