February 12, 2022

What White Privilege Looks Like

By admin

Using Kids as Cannon Fodder

I can’t think of a more vile abuse of human rights than using your own kids to prevent law enforcement from taking action against criminal acts.

It’s a disgusting show of cowardice. Apparently, one of the organizers is a local priest. Why am I not surprised?

  1. Kids Used to Block Bridge

Lots of Warnings, No Action

Police are getting tough … by handing out pamphlets with cozy little warnings and little reminders about the possibility of fines.

I’m sure this has the truckerists quaking in their boots.


Enforcement around the #FluKluxKlan has become an embarrassment.

This is what white privilege looks like – a kid in a Honda Civic (no trucks, no convoy) blocking international trade and the livelihood of thousands.