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Saudi Ambassador: Atheism = Subversion = Terrorism

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This makes me so mad.

Here we have the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in an interview saying that if people declare that they are atheists, they are terrorists.


What a ridiculous statement.

Why are we doing business with people that believe a person’s right to any form of thought – be it atheism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, or aneurism for that matter –

Saudi Arabians are committing genocide in Yemen with Made-In-Canada weapons.

We tolerate this.  No … we make it happen.

And we must stop it from happening.

We need to start a boycott / divestment / sanction campaign against Saudi Arabia similar to that which was started against Israel.

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Celebrating Easter … With a Rant Against Easter

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What better way to celebrate easter Sunday than with a rant against Christianity’s most holy weekend, Easter.

Easter is the mythological period during which the star performer for Christians – Jesus – is resurrected after dying on the cross during Roman times.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is a fake.  It’s a cheap knock-off of some really cool ancient festivals, especially those that celebrate the ‘rebirth’ of the planet during the Vernal Equinox.

What’s troubling is that plagiarism is not allowed in our education system but here we have so many Westerners celebrating their triumph over other organized religions and traditions.

I’ve seen many similar rants in the past related to Easter here, here and especially here, so I’m not going to bore you with the details.

What I want to know is that answer to a simple question:  why do Christian holidays become ‘holidays’ (ie. ‘holy days’) for everyone even if the vast majority of us are no longer Christian?

When was the last time we had a public holiday with everything closed for Yom Kippur?  Or Eid? Or the thousands of other significant religious and non-religious events across the globe.

Why isn’t Earth Day a holiday?  Or ‘First day of women voting in Canada’ a holiday?

Because those who structure our system have a bias.

And bias is bad.  Bias is ultimately racist, destructive and combative.

I think we all have to accept that ‘traditions’ are great when celebrated at home with friends and family or within the institutions that created those traditions.  However, the minute these activities become institutionalized and everyone is forced the celebrate these ‘traditions’ regardless of their religion, we marginalize the ideas of so many other people.

If we’re ever going to advance as a society, ‘holidays’ that focus on religion must come to an end.

And not be resurrected.

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Safe Injection Sites: Lots of Possibilities

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What are your thoughts on safe injection sites?

Many cities are about to follow Vancouver’s lead by introducing these sites as options for drug addicts.

Here is my simple thought on safe injection sites:  they’re not worth the effort.

For all you bureaucrats who want to install safe injection sites, I say sure.  Let’s show some support for those who are going through hard times.  They need our help.

Just tell me what suburb you plan to install them in.

Don’t even think for a second that downtown ANYWHERE is OK to the health of any city.  London, for example, is already swamped with folks going to Mission or outreach-type services in the downtown area, flooding the core with junkies and dealers alike.

In fact, you can always spot the dealers and if I were in charge of the police force, here’s what I’d look for:  a 20-something kid riding a BMX or dilapidated bike wearing a hat cocked sideways, carrying a gym bag over his shoulders, smoking a cigarette.

Anyways, they may be harder to spot in a place like Toronto, where kind-hearted bureaucrats are considering at least 3 such sites.

So yeah, let’s look at 3 locations.  Here are MY 3 recommendations for all of the Toronto bureaucrats:

  • Rosedale
  • Forest Hill
  • The Kingsway

Oh yeah … those probably won’t be an option.  But any citizen that owns a house or has to fight against streets littered with needles has to remind those they vote for that safe injection sites are not good social policy.

They’re an admission of failure.

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Understanding ‘Changes’ With Ontario’s Alcohol Business

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Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberals have announced a number of changes recently, including the availability of wine in a number of select retailers across the province.

Let’s emphasize the word ‘select’.

Just a small handful of extremely powerful and influential companies will have the ‘right’ to sell alcohol to the public of Ontario.  Yes, we’ve heard about the one or two ‘mom and pop’ shops that have also received permission, but it’s unlikely they’ll last because of market size or additional costs or requirements imposed by the LCBO and AGCO.

This isn’t liberalization of the market and the LCBO is still living by its key word and mandate:  CONTROL.

Suppliers still have to submit their product to the LCBO for approval for listing with these new channels.  This process is the same as its always been, albeit with a few more options for those making submissions.

This means suppliers have to have certain volume levels of product available (ie. they must be commercial in size) and they must be willing and able to (a) take an additional hit with their margin to account for the additional middle man being introduced (ie. someone like Loblaws who’s going to want a cut) and (b) market the product once it’s in-store.

What does this leave?  Yes, there will be a few small suppliers that will try to get a listing and who will blow their financial brains out within a few weeks of getting a listing, but let’s face it:  the extra costs and middle-men involved will ensure nothing but swill on the shelves a few weeks after the launch of this great ‘liberalization’.

Suppliers of quality products – usually those produced in lower volumes or select vintages – will not be able to afford the high costs of getting grocery store listings.

What the Wynne government has done is increased the range of accessibility for a small number of producers via an even smaller number of large, multinational retailers.

This is not competition and it will not benefit small producers.

What will benefit small producers is the licensing of small retailers and entrepreneurs and giving them the right to sell whatever they like without having to go through a ‘black box’ approval process or expensive marketing campaign via the LCBO.

Another key way to approach this market is to allow importers from other Canadian jurisdictions to bring their product into Ontario without having to feel like the SS or Gestapo will pursue them and their clients.

Finally, the best way to improve the market is to give suppliers the ability to open their own shops without the hassle.

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FFS STFU About Pipelines: Rick Mercer Gets Told

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Rick Mercer seems to have forgotten his roots.

This is the guy who was the spokesman behind the One Tonne Challenge before the oil-loving Conservatives took an axe to the program.

I LOVE this video by Scott Vrooman, taking a spin on Rick Mercer’s rant on petroleum madness:

Folks, it’s not about pipelines.  Rick Mercer is VERY wrong to believe that we need a big honking bitumen highway stretching across this great country.

We need to STFU up about pipelines.  We need to STFU about oil.

Our economy is a basket case because of oil and building pipelines will only guarantee that it remain a basket case for another hundred years.

Pipelines will also guarantee that we will fail miserably when it comes to any kind of target with the Paris Accord or other global environmental initiatives designed to mitigate the effects of our 19th century carbon economy.

It’s time we showed CONSIDERABLE bias against oil.

The current ‘have not provinces’ used to be the ‘have provinces’ before resources destroyed any sense of economic balance in this country.  We used to have enviable high paying manufacturing and technology jobs throughout the heartland of Canada and this has been crushed by oil.

In the early days, Alberta’s oil sector was built by subsidies from Ontario and Quebec and we have a right to say no to Alberta’s oil pumping through our backyards.

So … let’s START spending our mental energy thinking about ways we can minimize our reliance on oil.  There are already hundreds of possibilities out there.

  • Learn how to do more with less or pay for it if you don’t.
  • Encourage a sharing economy.
  • Educational programs that force us to think about ways that we can minimize our carbon footprint when it comes to our daily activities (food, clothes, cars, transportation, working environments, etc).
  • Renewables should immediately get any subsidy or devotion that oil currently receives.  Annually, several billions of dollars in taxpayer funds go towards
  • Legislate and enforce the construction of ‘zero-footprint’ residential developments.  Sprawl must either end or become independent.  New homes shouldn’t be a part of the problem, but the solution:  homes with solar, wind, geo-thermal and other renewable structures should be the only things we build.
  • Mutual funds and other investment vehicles should get special incentives when putting cash into renewable energy programs across Canada, including R&D for storage, delivery and distribution.
  • Teach people how to go back to their roots:  spend time freezing, storing and preserving foods that we import in the winter months.
  • Prohibit the installation of new gas stations.  Incentivize the installation of electrical charging networks.
  • Incentivize any domestic – ie. anywhere in Canada – manufacture of anything to do with renewable energy
  • Fund research and development related to renewables, clean up and removal of cars from our highways
  • Pump cash into massive public transit programs that will exist for decades to come
  • Focus on reduction:  tax carbon, tax gas and tax cars that burn gas.  Incentivize those activities that don’t use gas.

So there it is.  I’m a renewable simpleton and I’ve come up with a list of about 20 different tools that can be implemented IMMEDIATELY that will ensure we drastically reduce our reliance on oil.

Let’s move forward people and stop obsessing about pipelines.

We don’t need them and we don’t want them.

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