Left-wing liberal media, my ass

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Keep this cover page and article in your pockets for the next time some know-nothing whines about the ‘left-wing liberal’ media conspiracy that’s out to bring us communism.

How about The Ignorance?

Or the The Obliviousness?

The Old White Men Club?

Trogs well paid by the CAPP?

The Future Stops Here?

Even Vice.com has jumped on the bandwagon by ridiculing this article and cover. with suggestions like:

  • The Tragically Unhip
  • Diversity is for tie colours
  • The Fellowship of The (Right) Wing
  • Siri, show me who watches the CFL
  • This picture has a combined Uber rating of 2.38.

Maclean’s – I’ve rarely found any respect for you in the past, and I continue to feel shame now for the embarrassing state of ‘investigative’ and ‘provocative’ journalism that you put together.

Oh, and if you want to know who owns Maclean’s and would like to hit them where it really hurts: Rogers Communications.

Cut your cords, transfer your cell phone accounts and cancel your magazine subscriptions.

Because if THEY want REAL resistance, we can bring it to them by boycotting this kind of tripe.

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No One Hurt Because No One Was On The Bus

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We need a VERY serious discussion about public transit in Canada.

It works when it works. In fact, in many cases, there’s simply no other solution that comes remotely close to public transit.

However, filling the roads of suburbs with elongated and heavy buses is not a good answer most of the time.

Here’s an unfortunate story about a bus that swerved to avoid an erratic driver. The bus piled into a commercial building in London, ON.

The good news? No one was hurt.

That’s because no one was on the bus (except the driver).

Normally, you’d just wipe your brow and say ‘phew! Thanks goodness no one was hurt’.

But the absence of riders begs the question: why put buses on the road when they’re empty? We’re wasting gas, we’re wrecking our streets and we’re causing – NOT SOLVING – congestion issues.

Maybe I missed something like ‘it was empty because it had just unloaded a crowd of busy workers or students’.

But I know that street and I know that’s not the case.

It’s empty because it’s politically expedient to have very visible buses choking the lanes of urban and suburban streets.

We subsidize the actual driving of vehicles, not the number of passengers or the efficiency of these services.

As mentioned, we indirectly cause MORE congestion with empty buses and compound road damage and need for repairs because buses are typically much heavier than your average commuter vehicle (ie. car).

So what’s the solution?

There are many:

  • Subsidize the number of riders, not buses
  • Track all activity and optimize activity to reflect where people are, not where you think they might be impressed by a bus cruising through the neighbourhood
  • Focus on smaller, more nimble services
  • Work with automation and third-party services (eg. Lyft, Uber) to deliver flexible routes
  • Stop thinking in terms of ‘fixed’ transit corridors unless population sizes warrant this thinking. If population sizes aren’t available, build ‘consolidation areas’ for people to park and ride into core areas.
  • Think about towns in terms of ‘nodes’ instead of ‘cores’.

This last item is probably the toughest for most people to get their heads around because it twists about 2,000 years of thinking around in ways people haven’t imagined before.

We traditionally have ‘cores’ because (a) we needed them as ways to consolidate resources, especially when we were under attack by other tribes and (b) it’s an efficient way for masses of people to meet in a single place.

As businesses themselves become smaller and more nimble, the idea of ‘cores’ goes the way of the dodo. Of course, they’ll persist (see above), but with more people working from home, doing things online and focusing on digital commerce instead of physical movement, we have to rethink how and more importantly WHY we feel it’s critical to move people around by third-parties when they don’t want us to.

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Old White Men: Don’t Dare Call Them Terrorists

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Sigh …

Here we have a classic story about a terrorist in the United States actively terrorizing about a dozen specific people and thousands of others as a result of his actions:


But please note: the media won’t dare call this guy a terrorist.
This is a classic story of another old, angry white guy that shouts around about ‘political correctness’ or maybe ‘God loves me, but hates you’.
This is a story about another old, angry white man rebelling against the loss of his entitlements and acting on the whimsical statements of an insane president.
Don’t get me wrong: I’m an old white guy.
However, I’ve come to grips with the idea that the world doesn’t revolve around me and the mess that I’ve made of this planet. I understand that there’s always lots of room for people who AREN’T like me. I try very hard to help shape the future of the planet in a positive way. I do my best to show empathy towards those who are harmed by old white guy policies and practices.
However, like so many others, I face an uphill battle with the old white brigade deeply entrenched in their ways, fortified at the top of the heap.
We have to keep on trying to move forward, despite the resistance.
This isn’t a battle. This is a process that’s won by sheer education, determination and attrition.
There should be no casualties in this. Like all lessons in economics, there’s no point coming to the table if the results aren’t mutually beneficial.
It’s not a call to arms. It’s a plea for rational, civilized discussion about how we can all win when we all win.
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O Cannabis

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O Cannabis!
You caved to our demands!
We wanted pot – without the reprimand.
We’re growing buds; our bloodshot eyes,

The True North sells us weed!
From far and wide,
O Cannabis, we stand on guard for Tweed.
O Cannabis, now it’s called Canopy.
O Cannabis, we stand on guard for Tweed.
O Cannabis, now it’s called Canopy.

Seriously folks … remember that cannabis is legal today, but don’t do anything stupid, please. It’s still a controlled substance and it’s still illegal to be under the influence (in most cases) when driving, working and more.

Be responsible, OK?

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The most important legal decision in the last 50 years is going to be made in the United States this week.

Brett Kavanaugh may be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States.

This is a life-time position.

We all know this though … we’ve been glued to whatever media format watching the testimony of Dr. Christine Blaset Ford.

This has been very difficult to watch for so many reasons.

All I can beg is … #BelieveHer.

Decisions made by the emotional and erratic and certainly partial defendant and candidate Brett Kavanaugh will affect multiple generations of women in the United States and may help spur misogynistic responses across the globe.

It will empower an attack on women everywhere.

Dr. Christine Ford has risked everything – her job, her family, friends and maybe even her career – so that she could bravely present a situation and expose the attitude of this candidate and how he is unfit to shape the legal destiny of the planet.

Please, #BelieveHer.


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