Excited Delirium

Stories about Excited Delirium, the Shock Economy and a little fiction here and there.

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    The CRTC, Netflix and Content

    This article highlights the interrogation and ‘Spanish inquisition’ type tactics of the CRTC when it comes to Netflix trying to represent themselves at hearings concerning content distribution in Canada.

    Here are my thoughts:  CRTC, go f yourself after reading this comment:

    Quote:  “(That’s) a heck of an answer for someone who takes hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Canadian economy.”

    Do we ask the same thing of Costco, WalMart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowe’s and hundreds of other conglomerates that sponge billions from the Canadian economy?  Do we force them to disclose how many widgets they sell and threaten to tax them out of the country if they sell apples from Chile or garden hoses from China?

    I can’t get over the audacity of the CRTC grilling an innovator like Netflix.  If you don’t know, the CRTC works for Rogers, Bell and other media monopolies in Canada, so it’s easy to understand the reluctance Netflix to reveal any data concerning its business as it will just wind up in the hands of its competitors.

    The CRTC does NOT represent the interests of Canadians simply interested in content at a reasonable price.

    The CRTC has outgrown its usefulness.  Time to shut it down before they bring about another tax, only to hand it over to their friends at Bell and Rogers.

    Meanwhile,  we accept a known Fascist with open arms into the so-called pit of Canadian democracy without asking about the coup that they accomplished in the Ukraine.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    And the NDP Just Lost the Next Election …

    Promising a $15 per hour minimum wage.

    There are roughly 2 million small businesses – those that are owned by one or two people – operating in Canada.  Given the right environment, they will hire more people, but increasing the minimum wage 50% will force them to re-evaluate their business.

    I hate to play into the hands of Con / Libertarians, but a big hike in minimum wage is a bad idea, especially now as all political parties gear up for a year-long battle to win the hearts and minds of Canadian voters.

    I have some advice for Mulcair:  find ways to support small businesses in Canada.  They’re the next best thing to local that you’ll ever be able to get (not like those international conglomerates that pretend they’re ‘local’).

    Give incentives, expand write-offs, promise to reduce audits and do anything else you can to make it easy for people to start businesses in Canada.  When they’re making money, minimum wages matter for shit.

    Another alternative:  co-ops.

    Co-operatives will continue to draw attention as they provide a real and genuine way for workers to OWN their place of employment instead of depending on it.  There’s a massive difference compared to people being serfs for non-caring and non-thinking corporations.

    What Tom Mulcair and the NDP have to understand is that all of this comes down to a few simple descriptions:

    1. People will never fire themselves.
    2. People need to be making money before they hire anyone else.

    These are simple lessons for the NDP.

    If they don’t pay attention to them before the next election, I’ll have one less choice to make.

    Pick a Ford: Both Are Lemons

    Someone please run with this line so that the public will associate both Rob and Doug Ford with being a lemon for Toronto’s public policy and mayoral race.

    Time for Cons to Prove Their Lies

    I am SO SICK of media morons and narrators continue endlessly and stupidly repeating the same stupid mantras over and over again.

    The one that makes me the most squeamish is that Conservatives are better qualified to:

    1. Manage the economy
    2. Keep crime down
    3. Stabilize foreign relations

    Show me ONE – just ONE – Conservative in Canada’s history that has managed to do any of the above.

    Certainly not the Stephen Harper Conservatives.

    Stop the lies.  More importantly, stop believing the lies.

    What the Bell?

    Noticed hundreds of Bell trucks cruising around your neighbourhood, doing all kinds of installations and working with what seems like private contractors on underground wiring and infrastructure?

    If you haven’t, you’ve been out of country for the past 6 months because they have been BUSY!

    I believe the seemingly innocuous activity comes with a plan.  I believe they’re working on installing tracking switches and other tracking mechanisms in advance of the launch of their new Internet viewing service that is designed to compete with Netflix.

    My thoughts are that prior to these efforts, tracking downloads and other non-Bell activities were were relatively untraceable.  New hardware and tracking will allow Bell to single out users and shut them down, regardless of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that they use.

    In other words, as Bell launches their new Netflix-copy media service, expect all competitors to be shut down.

    Islamic Terrorists: NOW Even Evilererer

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ISIS – has apparently beheaded another American journalist.

    Many Western leaders respond, reminding us that these acts are barbaric.

    They forget to remind us that they created ISIS in the first place, through back-door funding and opposition to the Syrian government.

    They needed to create ISIS because they couldn’t get rid of Assad of Syria because … oops … Russia got in the way.

    And now Russia’s in hot water, apparently wreaking havoc in the Ukraine.  But that’s a different narrative.

    Going back to the ‘New Al Qaeda:  Now Even Evilererer!!!’.

    The Americans and others needed a more vicious force in the Middle East because, frankly, the world has grown to be exhausted with the previous disasters that they created.

    And like all media manipulators and marketers, they’ve come out with a ‘new and improved’ version of the old boss.

    ie. new boss = old boss, especially when Uncle Sam continues to be the CEO and Chairman of CrazyCorp.

    Also, it’s no coincidence that the power brokers and manipulators have also chosen the title ‘ISIS’ to toss around in the media.  As a reminder for those of you who skipped middle school mythology, Isis is the goddess of health, marriage and love and many feminists point to her history and influence on early Egyptians as being a bringer of peace.

    Vilifying such an important historical mythological figure is just one component to a bigger effort to destabilize any organization that is committed to peace and the reduction of arms.

    The whole thing combines to create a powerful narrative that Western world citizens just don’t believe any more.

    The Cons vs Media vs the CBC

    The Cons hate the CBC.  We already know that.

    The question is why are they attacking the ‘mainstream media’ and ‘Ottawa media elite’?

    In the run-up to the 2015 federal election, it’s important to clarify to important evolving issues in order for the Cons to win:

    1. There is a ‘liberal media’ out there with a liberal agenda
    2. The CBC must be destroyed

    The answer to my question above:  the Cons want to pretend that there’s tension between their party and the mainstream media because when the mainstream finally endorses the Cons, they look like they’re being objective with their decisions, despite the pretense of animosity.

    The Cons (and other parties) will spend millions on the mainstream media and the Cons in particular will have a distinct advantage because, despite the pretense of tension, they will get significant discounts on the ads they buy because they are buying media under bulk rates via the federal government.  Their media buys will get blurred between apparent messages for the public interest versus messages broadcasting attacks on the opposition and competition.

    In fact, it’s probably safe to say that the Cons have already booked their media plans and communication strategy for the 2015 election and run-up in order to maximize both (a) their dominance and what media folks call the ‘reach frequency’ factor (ie. maximizing the number of people with the maximum number of repeat messages) and also (b) limit any remaining air time or space in order to increase the cost of buying this media for other parties.

    In other words, the 2015 election has already been bought.

    Now, let’s take a peek at some other evolving issues that will have an impact on the 2015 election:

    1. Pay for play
    2. The Demise of Hockey Night in Canada

    The Cons hate the CBC.  I already said that, but sometimes it’s worth repeating.

    The CBC is the last remote possibility of some kind of truth being communicated in mass broadcasting.

    They have already had their budgets slashed.  This announcement was not done to kill the CBC but to cripple the CBC into compliance.  All I hear on the CBC is narration today, usually from reports issued by the PMO and the Canadian Press, a privately held media company.

    With the prospect of the implementation, the argument will be made that the CBC should NOT be part of the ‘basic package’ with the upcoming ‘Pay for Play’ scheme that the CRTC will introduce, likely sooner rather than later.

    Finally, with the demise of hockey and other sports on the CBC, the Cons no longer have to spend ad dollars on the public broadcaster communicating to the country’s hockey nuts and Tims fans.

    In summary, what we have in the making is a perfect storm for the Cons:

    1. A ‘pretend’ war against the ‘liberal media’ with the ‘liberal media’ taking the high road and still endorsing Stephen Harper in 2015
    2. Transfer of the CBC to ‘pay for play’ pushing it into financial oblivion
    3. Advertising their message to their knuckle-dragging base without having to spend a cent on the public broadcaster.
    4. Locking in ad spend now at the public’s expense while the competition has to pay higher prices later for the same space.

    Conclusion:  the Cons will win the 2015 election because they will continue to dominate the media space and marginalize public debate about how evil they all are.


    Deconstructing the Narrative: Spot the Difference

    Let’s deconstruct some recent news that we should all be concerned about.

    An innocent American journalist is executed by a defense-funded militant organization (that may have been staged) that no longer seems to represent the people that started it.

    An innocent young black man is shot several times point-blank in ‘Anywhere, North America’ by a defense-funded militant organization that no longer represents the people that funded it.

    What’s the difference?


    We’re flies caught in the web spun by the military industrial complex and our own protectors are now fighting against us.

    Public audits, people.  We need public audits of the military and police forces that are absorbing so much of our financial resources.

    Or, we can be like Vermont and choose to end the war on drugs by ending their budgets.

    Superman Returns to His Fortress of Solitude

    Rather than face political opponents and actually talk with people, Stephen Harper has returned to the north in his never-ending quest for his Fortress of Solitude.

    Like Superman, Stephen Harper is an alien in his own land.  Nobody gets him anymore and his powers are wasted on mere mortals like us Canadian voters.

    But let’s take a slightly unique, albeit esoteric look at this analogy.  In DC’s Superman and related series, the Fortress of Solitude is similar to a Doll’s House.  I’m reading The Annotated Sandman, Book 1 right now and the author and editor remind us that Book 11:  The Doll’s House is a representation of Desire, one of the Endless.

    Desire lives in the Doll’s House, a shell of a structure that reminds us that dolls do not choose their fate.  Their fate can only be chosen by others.  This was the theme of the Doll’s House, a children’s story written by Rumer Godden in 1947.

    Where am I going with this?

    Stephen Harper can look all he wants for solitude and serenity from a growing wave of critics and attackers, but he cannot hide because in politics, your fate is determined by those who choose you.

    Let’s hope we choose wisely in the future and pick someone who’s less like an alien and more like a Canadian.

    Silencing the Masses

    The Harper use of the Canada Revenue Agency to bully environmental and activist organizations that may or may not have expressed opposition to the Harper Regime is something that should concern all Canadians.

    This is another blatant abuse of power that is designed to intimidate all of us.

    If organizations can be attacked and bullied in this fashion, under the guise of ensuring proper fiscal management, then ANY Canadian can be attacked as well under the same authority and rationale.

    My greatest fear is that we’ll soon experience the subjective nature of these audits as members of unions, activists, writers, politicians and political volunteers and other Canadians who are vocally opposed to the Harper Regime and their corporate cronies fall under the microscope and face fines and possibly even prison sentences for errors in judgement (or basic unintentional human error) when it comes to their personal taxes and financial affairs.

    Harper has opened up a vicious can of worms by using respected government institutions to bully Canadians.

    This is fascism:  use of government institutions for intimidation of the masses by ‘making examples of those who get out of line’.

    McCarthy played the same tricks in the 1940s and 1950s, so much so that it alienated an entire generation from folks who might be right of centre, but at least right of mind as well.

    Why we stand for this in Canada today, I do not know.