Fake News vs Traditional Media

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This article by the CBC is excellent. It walks through a number of scenarios, definitions and instructions on how to spot ‘fake news’.

Just one problem: they forgot to point the spotlight at themselves and friends in traditional media.

It’s a good article, but of course, doesn’t mention how traditional media may place ‘news reports’ that are PR or how they may censor certain aspects of a story in order to protect ad dollars. Even the CBC reprints a lot of stories from the for-profit American company (Visionknown as Canada Newswire here).

It also doesn’t point the finger at ‘traditional’ pundits and other so-called objective advisors that are either paid or supported indirectly by third-parties, including international influencers. They hint at this somewhat in the article, but there is a very clear opportunity to deconstruct the influence that can be attributed to foreigners and conservative think tanks.

An example would be the Fraser Institute. While the aforementioned article by the CBC is excellent, this one by Canadian Dimension is even better, as they strip back the layers created by the Koch Brothers and their paid influence over Canadian media.

Fortifying the big lies in think-tank gown is the Fraser Institute, forever cited by the media and bullying public policy formation in the guise of an independent professional source of economic knowledge and information. None points out that according to Canada’s tax records the Fraser Institute has received over $750,000 from just one of the Koch foundations.

When Canadian Dimension speaks of media citation, they need to directly remind the public that the CBC reports from the Fraser Institute OFTEN.

As we enter the federal election – possibly the most important one that Canada is facing in its short history as a nation – we ALL need to know how to smell out the rats. Unfortunately, most of the rats are in plain site, being treated as reliable sources and pundits.

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Happy Canada Day to ALL. Except YOU, Doug Ford.

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Life is good sometimes.

I use this blog to whine about a lot of things that get under my skin, but today, I’m just going to keep it simple: Happy Canada Day to EVERYONE!

But not you, Doug Ford and any of your measly, mindless supporters, especially those hypocrites that advertise you on their site. You’re like a stinky old sock shoved in the trumpets blowing the fanfare of success. You cancelled Canada Day celebrations and you, sir, are just sad.

OK … just a touch of whining. For the rest of you, have a pleasant day and cherish all of those good things that make us Canadian.

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Doug Ford’s Friends. Andrew Scheer’s Friends Too?

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I’m keeping this story alive, especially for all you Doug Ford supporters that think there’s nothing wrong with posing with a handful of white supremacists.

Doug Ford Faith Goldy

We all know now that Faith Goldy has been banned from Facebook and other social channels.

How long before we can get Doug Ford banner from the Government of Ontario?

And as emotion and concerns about Canada’s future rev up over the course of the summer, Canadians need to absorb this context as well and understand that supporting folks like Ford, Scheer and others that get funding and attention from the country’s ‘old stock Canadians’.

So, let’s not forget who their friends are.

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Another Day, Another Story About Opioids and Holding Pharma To Account

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This story originates in Oklahoma, but it could be anywhere.

Why is it that we’ve left it to smaller districts to have to figure out for themselves how to reign in the excessive destruction of Big Pharma? Where are our national or international governments saying ‘time’s up – you’re done here’?

In one missive, a sales representative dismissed a doctor’s fears that patients might become addicted to the company’s opioid painkillers by telling him those who didn’t die probably wouldn’t get hooked. Another proposes targeting sales of the powerfully addictive drugs at those most at risk: men under 40.

This story, as we discover, is slightly different than the multitudes that are creeping up and being largely ignored by mainstream media.

This court case zeroes in on the reckless irresponsibility of the pharma industry, writ large, and how they are obviously more about profits than people.

Johnson & Johnson [is accused] of joining with other companies to create a false narrative of an epidemic of untreated pain in the US to which opioids were the solution, in part by funding front organizations such as the American Pain Society. The strategy helped drive a surge in opioid prescribing as narcotic painkillers ballooned into a multibillion-dollar-a-year market.

Should this trial evolve against Johnson and Johnson it will pivot the spotlight to the important question of the relation of the industry to their intent. As intent becomes more obvious, Big Pharma may finally find itself being reigned by various levels of government across the globe.

But what does this mean?

In Canada, our government has just proposed a very expensive universal drug plan. That’s great, especially as we have an ageing population, but what does that REALLY mean for the taxpayers that will be paying top dollar for drugs we may not even need?

In the process, what are we doing to investigate the soaring cost of basic treatments like insulin, which is needed by roughly 3 million people every day, month and year in Canada? That’s an insane amount of money to be pissing away, mainly to keep the CEO payrolls going at Big Pharma.

I’ve asked questions before about vaccines. Not about their efficacy, but about their cost and ingredients. What happens when we continue to see these costs increase, despite drops in effectiveness?

The cracks in the armour of Big Pharma have finally started to materialize and we must keep poking away at them to ensure that they deliver health and not hysteria.

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Tar, TMX and Trudeau: Leave It In The Ground, Please

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The world needs an aggressive plan with ALL countries designed to mitigate the volume of carbon that we are producing.

That means Canada has to have a plan.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals have green-lighted the TMX pipeline (again), backsliding on any real commitments we have to get off carbon. Just a few days after, the Senate declared that a moratorium on shipping tar from BC coastlines to foreign markets will continue, resulting in a sewage pipe with no disposal plan.

And, we see that Scheer’s ‘plan’ is nothing but a steaming pile of BS and that the Conservative plan will actually increase carbon emissions at the expense of taxpayers, but the media and sellout pundits will still try to give it some credence, giving him the chance to repeat well rehearsed nonsense fed to him by his bosses in the oil industry.

To top it all off, we still have people saying ‘would you rather we ship it by rail’.  For me, the answer is just an absolute ‘No, I would rather we just leave it in the ground and stop destroying our country politically, socially, economically and environmentally just so that we can make a few American and international oil barons rich beyond belief’.

Folks, it’s time to shut this down. We can pretend to stop using straws and maybe slip in the odd reusable bag once in a while, but pretending that we’re the ones who are supposed to should ALL of the guilt related to carbon is complete nonsense.

We have to set our sights on the companies that herding us to the edge of the abyss. If we don’t, we won’t have a planet worth saving and will be an embarrassment to all future generations.

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