Plastic Is The Problem

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I am officially on a mission now: plastic has to go. No more plastic in my life unless it can be used multiple times and has some kind of recyclable option.

Plastic is an oil derivative.

Putting an end to plastic will help alleviate our reliance on oil and therefore help reduce our greenhouse gas contributions.

I know … it’s a simplistic summary to a VERY complicated situation we’ve created for ourselves.

That said, I have come to appreciate that plastics will be the most heinous and hideous reminder of our existence in the 20th and 21st century.

The abundance of plastics is resulting in the suffocation of our oceans, lakes and other water ways.

Too many plastics are clogging our landfills.

It’s time we acknowledge that most plastics – especially single-use products like cutlery, bottles and so on – are going to bring about our demise.

Therefore, I recommend we as a species decide that in order to adequately preserve our future, we need to take the following steps:

  • Ban or strongly discourage the creation and availability of single-use plastic products;
  • Implement regulations that will limit the carcinogenic inputs with plastics;
  • Enable and permit industrial-scale incineration of plastics, with extremely tight guidelines for emissions and treatment of byproducts;
  • Begin a ‘waterway preservation’ program, designed to encourage cleaning and clearing of any waterway of plastics (and other refuse);
  • Tax single-use plastic products to the tune of something like $1 per plastic item in a ‘package’. If a case of bottled water consists of 24 bottles, the tax would be $25 per case (24 bottles + 1 plastic wrap cover). All funds generated would go towards a combination of cleaning, incineration and support for industries that convert packaging from plastic to something more sustainable;
  • Create a refund program that will discourage disposal of plastics and encourage ‘plastic drives'; and
  • Invest in sustainable packaging materials.

Of course, it’s impossible and improbable that we’d be able to see everything happen at once, but we have to start trying.

If we don’t we will destroy this planet as a result of non-degradable refuse as opposed to changes in temperature.

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25% of Ontario Conservative Candidates Under Investigation

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C’mon Ontario.

We can do better than this!

One-quarter of the Ontario Conservative candidates are under investigation for lawsuits, probes and police investigations.

How are people being that blind about their absurd party loyalties and are willing to vote for a bunch of gangsters?

I’m afraid. Let’s hope people are lying to the pollsters and we wind up with a very different government than what’s being projected.

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Conservatives: This Is What You’re Voting For

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A douchebag that will park in a handicap spot so he doesn’t have to walk more than 20 feet to pitch his snake oil:

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On Thursday, I Will Vote NDP. I Hope You Will Too.

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I’m still absorbing the ‘shocking’ update from Kathleen Wynne, admitting that the Liberal Party of Ontario will not make any headway on Thursday.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am.

I should have expected her to concede or quit much sooner, but she didn’t.

They kept up the guise that there was a viable option in Ontario before Saturday.

That is no longer true.

It’s a great example of the deep, profound corruption of the Liberal Party of Ontario.

On Thursday, I will vote NDP and I encourage everyone else to do this.

You may feel like you’re holding your nose diving in, but we have to bring change to Ontario and we have to yell at the Liberals for bringing Ontario to so many new lows.

Please. Don’t go for the ‘let’s keep them from getting a majority’ bullshit. This is just one last ploy of a politician that should never have been leader of Ontario.

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Wynne Loses It For the Liberals

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This past weekend was a nightmare was a grand finale for the Liberal Party of Ontario.

As many people know, Kathleen Wynne bailed on the party this weekend and is scrambling to salvage just 8 seats so that the party will at least maintain official party status with the government funding formula.

Any less and they may as well not exist.

It’s a disaster without precedent.

I made a recommendation last week that Wynne should gracefully bow out early so that she wouldn’t lead the LPO into a crushing defeat, but instead, she only half took my advice and announced defeat before the election was over.

This must be simply devastating for the LPO candidates that have begged, borrowed and invested in their own campaigns, only to have it be flushed down the drain by one of Ontario’s worst politicians in history.

Now voters are scratching their heads wondering what the hell they’re supposed to do.

My hope is that they either go really experimental and vote several Green Party of Ontario (GPO) seats so that we’ll have the introduction of proportional representation OR … the NDP will barely have a minority government and will have to negotiate better terms for elections in Ontario.

Either way, June 8 is going to be a VERY different day in Ontario.

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