July 2, 2024

The World Needs a Progressive 2025 (Now, More Than Ever)

By admin

The bullies are taking over. We’re seeing a live repeat of the 1930s.

Italy’s government is run by pseudo-Fascists.

Far-right nationalists are poised to win France.

Putin continues to pound the Ukraine.

Confederate Pierre continues to run around Canada screaming ‘Trudeau broke EVERYTHING’ and Canadians continue to believe him. And he’ll likely win because Trudeau is unwilling to relinquish command.

And the US. OMG, what a f-ing dumpster fire the US has become. In addition to what it already is.

The ‘Supreme Court’ has decided that Trump is King of the world.

Biden is far too stupid arrogant to resign his post and put someone functional in charge.

Trump will win the US election in 2024.

And the world will be chaos as of November 6, 2024, the world will be f*cked.


Trump will be the mouthpiece for Project 2025, a vile and Handmaiden-esque manifesto of the religious right that will nullify most of the rights and freedoms that Americans have gained over the last century.


  • If you have a uterus, forget it. You don’t matter.
  • If you’re gay or a member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community? Forget it. You don’t matter.
  • If you’re into sex of any kind, but choose to go the porn route? You don’t matter.
  • Work for the government? Expect to be fired. Unless you’re with the military, surveillance or control of some kind of everyone else.
  • Education? Welcome to the dark ages.
  • Climate? Expect to make much more use of any and all masks you accumulated during Covid because the air will become intolerable.
  • An animal of any kind? Your habitat will be destroyed and terraformed.
  • Religion? Expect a Judeo-Christian war against everyone else.

We Need a Progressive 2025. So … who’s with me?

Who’s ready to start writing a manifesto for ‘Progressive 2025’? A simple, but elegant set of guidelines and changes that we need in order to save the planet from ourselves? I’d love to tackle to whole thing from an array of angles, but the basics will go into place first:

  • The protection of human rights.
  • The protection of habitats & non-human species.
  • The protection of privacy.
  • The protection of the planet we live on and that gives us life.

Let’s get started before everything we love is taken from us by demagogues and bullies.