May 5, 2023

Another Bank Crisis / Collapse is Coming … Soon

By admin

The FDIC has seen roughly $548 billion in banking assets ‘collapse’ in the last year but with very few banks actually in the mix.

That’s coming.

This first figure is about 60% higher than the initial collapse / failure of the ‘too big to fail’ banks in 2008 in the US ($370 billion).

2023 FDIC Bank Failures

The definition of hell is doing the same thing over (1819) and over (1837) and over (1873) and over (1907) and over (1929) and over (1980s / 90s savings and loans) and over (2008) again.

And not learning anything after all the grifters and billionaires pocket our money.

Capitalism is f&cking useless for the rest of us.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The next financial crisis is right around the corner.

US Bank Failures