March 23, 2020

Covid Journal, March 23, 2020 (Capitalism On Its Knees Edition)

By admin

It’s time to talk about new rules.

Capitalism is on its knees.

Capitalists are taking from the coffers and enslaving those that breach Martial Law with Covid.

Tell me again why we’re supposed to fear socialism or some other system that will deliver a more equitable response to this situation?
Denmark, for example, is taking the lead by effectively freezing their economy and offering to pay up to 75% of the salaries previously paid by private employers in order to marginalize mass layoffs. It won’t be the same in the US where the cash vacuum will continue to suck funds from the poor and benefit the rich, all in a perverse reverse version of Robin Hood.
I write this update shortly before the markets open at 9:30. Most global markets continue to tank.
As it turns out, markets can’t seem to function without, well, markets. With no one exchanging services, no one buying anything beyond basic needs, and no ability to move / travel around the globe, markets cease to exist.
And yet, the capitalists continue to bring lambs to the slaughter and are decimating portfolios across the planet.
They are bringing financial ruin to almost everyone, whether we know it or not.
Supporters of capitalism are threatening to shut down the US Constitution as well as disregard for civil liberties in nearly every country across the globe.
They’re also doing a shitload of backroom deals that are beyond corrupt.
Bigger companies continue to line up for handouts while smaller businesses like salons and restaurants are being closed for good.
Wanton destruction of the planet without cleaning up. Persistence in eradicating entire species from the planet without so much as a peep about genocide (which is what it is) of these species.
We need new rules.
I would like to start compiling some ideas about New Rules. I don’t want to call it a ‘manifesto’. The word scares too many people away.
At my heart, I’m what many people would call a contrarian. I’m on the other side now in terms of seeing that capitalism has failed us all. With that, I see that there’s an opportunity to think about how we can move forward without having to be in permanent lockdown.
Who’s with me?