May 29, 2021

Covid Journal, May 29, 2021

By admin

Why Can’t We Change ‘The Rules’?

As billions of around the globe are asked to make sacrifices to help stem the spread of Covid, why aren’t we allowed to demand answers to a simple question: ‘when will the rules change?’

We’ve collectively reacted – some better than others – and it can even be said that we’re starting to think proactively with how to protect ourselves from future pandemics (assuming the current one just doesn’t become one prolonged prison sentence for the planet). Example: we might one day see the introduction of national (Canadian) production of our own vaccines; purchasing and proper stockpiling of PPE; and so on.

But what the rules that matter most?

Simple things like no more gas-powered lawn mowers or legislating an end to the internal combustion engine altogether in Canada? Or making subsidies to oil companies illegal? Or putting an end to clear-cutting of old-growth forests? Or even allowing the use of tree materials in stuff like toilet paper and Kleenex when hemp-based products are vastly more efficient and effective? Or ceasing fireworks? They’re useless. Or abiding by international trade agreements that only continue to strangle our starving small industries like wine, beer or cider production?

I’ve argued that populism is hopefully coming to an end, only to have people counter that globalism is the ‘only’ alternative and could be blamed for the spread of Covid. Of course, that view neglects the idea that there’s a ‘Goldilocks’ possibility of keeping both at bay. We can still have international trade, so long as it abides by a more strict regimen of respect for the planet.

Our rules have to change if we’re going to save this planet.

If they don’t, no mission to Mars, no bunker and no amount of prepping will protect from the self-delivered mayhem that will come our way when the planet finally decides enough is enough.

Michael Geist: My Hero

Why does it seem like Michael Geist is the only policy wonk in Canada that gives a shit about the state of the internet here, the cost of access and the increasingly stupid proposals from the federal Liberals concerning the fate of communications and media in Canada?

In his latest assault on internet policy, the gloves come off ONCE AGAIN tearing the Liberals a new one for having thrown out all efforts and concerns related to competitive policy and pricing for the internet. The CRTC recently (very wrongly in my view) decided to side with the monopolies as opposed to citizens when it comes to infrastructure in Canada. This will most certainly result in BIG increases to the cost of one of the world’s most expensive communications networks.

The Liberals are shredding any thoughtful and protective regulations concerning internet access and cost in Canada and it’s not just embarrasing for them, but it will likely cost them in the next election.

Wireless services will also increase in cost as a result of this decision.

Trudeau et al: WTF are you thinking?

Canada: Breeding Ground for Right-Wing Channels

How is it that Canada continues to the breeding ground for right-wing MAGA-driven channels and groups like The Proud Boys, Canada Proud and Rebel TV?

Aren’t we supposed to be one of the most diverse countries in the world?

Surprisingly, we’re not seeing the rise of hate in little protects of protected areas in Canada.

Most recently, Toronto came into focus by being the home to the new video platform, Rumble, new home of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and others that defy logic when it comes to civil responsibility.

Canadaland dives into the experience by describing that ‘there’s a new home for the worst people on the internet.’

I like to think in the case of Rumble, the intentions weren’t as specific as something like The Rebel. They’re a platform that has developed an unfortunate user-base and fans. If you’re a tech company, how are you supposed to control that, beyond putting a few basic limitations on loudmouths?

Perhaps THESE should be the questions Trudeau, Guilbeault and other Liberals should seek to answer BEFORE they villify ‘digital giants’.