November 18, 2020

Covid Journal, November 18, 2020

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Defile! Defile!

Trump and his team are probably resorting to a different kind of ‘defile’ (as in shredding documents before Biden’s team takes over), but they’re also rushing to assault any remaining institutions that they haven’t already laid their hands on.

Example: laying bare the Arctic refuge for oil and gas companies, as well as logging and mining interests.

The “call for nominations” to be published Tuesday in the Federal Register allows companies to identify tracts on which to bid during an upcoming lease sale on the refuge’s nearly 1.6 million-acre coastal plain, a sale that the Interior Department aims to hold before Biden takes the oath of office in January. The move would be a capstone of President Trump’s efforts to open up public lands to logging, mining and grazing, which Biden strongly opposes.

This is in addition to Trump’s ‘rollback’ of several HUNDRED other environmental policies during his term.

Why can’t we just leave shit alone?

Songbird: A Shameful Abuse of a Cajoled Public

Hollywood has decided to dig deep to enter new lows with their entry of ‘Songbird’ into the list of new movies.

Here’s a preview:

Talk about predictive programming.

Read the comments with YouTube before they get banned.