June 24, 2022

Housing: Building Stupid on Stupider

By admin

I continue to see ‘authorities’ like the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC) proclaim that our way to affordable housing is to build millions of new homes and apartments.

This is complete NONSENSE.

I’ve ranted about this before, so I will be brief here: NO developer will cut their listed house prices for new developments because NO developer has access to 50% less labour costs or input costs. The price of land hasn’t been chopped in half, nor has the price of copper, plumbing suppliers, shingles, 2x4s and so on.

Millions more wasteful McMansions with millions more lawns, AC units, double car garages and loads of roads won’t solve the problem.

In fact, pushing developers to rapidly expand their building capacity will have the opposite effect, ie. increased demand for inputs and labour will increase the prices of those supplies.

So, I have to ask: WHY is the CMHC perpetuating this lie that more houses = more affordability?

And where will we put 3.5 – 5 million new homes when what we need to do is abide by better land management and implementation of renewable energy generation? We’re running out of space quickly and all of these recommendations translate to a recipe for disaster.

Affordability ultimately comes from cutting out the corruption and dark money that’s inflating our markets.

Most importantly, affordability comes from paying average Canadians better wages and benefits.

On a side note, WHY is the CBC allowing thinly-veiled racist comments on their page from Con trolls and anti-immigration thugs posting their vitriol without any kind of editing or limitation on this? I swear the Cons have gone out and hired sweatshop workers to copy/paste horrible comments just to keep these inane stories alive on the CBC.