March 23, 2023

I Demand an Inquiry on THIS

By admin

Imperial Oil, a subsidiary global oil giant Exxon-Mobil, is sewing seeds of dissent across the west.

They are intentionally funding and interfering with our political process.

I demand an inquiry into this.

These people and companies they are associated with threaten the stability of Canada’s democracy.

I demand an expanded inquiry into the companies, lobbyists and associations that they are connected with.

I demand an expanded inquiry into all of the MPs, MLAs, MPPs and others that are funded by these organizations.

I demand that we include companies like Postmedia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a New Jersey venture capital company. We need to know the extent and depth to which they are actively working to manipulate Canadians.

The reality for me is that China’s ‘influence’ in Canada will likely result in SUBSTANTIAL blowback for the Conservatives and their related alt-right WEXITEERS.