November 7, 2011

Koch Konnections (aka “If They Can Do It, We Can Too!”)

By admin

The Koch Brothers.

What can I say about them?

Anyways, they have made a commitment to connect the 1% as thoroughly as possible with a view to ensuring that Americans and people elsewhere are constantly barraged with messages about libertarianism, anti-government sentiments and opposition to any kind of labour / union efforts.

So … if they can, why can’t ‘WE’?

What are WE doing to integrate our associations, affiliations, money flow, donations, charities and other efforts related to the progressive message in Canada, the US and elsewhere?  How are we presenting a unified front against these people who, ironically, look at solidarity as the model for their own survival?

What are WE doing to educate people everywhere about what the needs of all of us and not just those who can donate millions to political campaigns?

What are WE doing to protect ourselves?