February 26, 2024

More Military Madness

By admin

Apparently the ‘world is watching Canada’ when it comes to our military budget and spending.

This time it’s US Ambassador to Canada David Cohen who’s whining about us not wasting enough money on bombs and other modes of destruction.

“By the same token, I have been quite clear — and the United States has been quite clear — that NATO and the world is watching what Canada is doing with respect to its commitment…. It’s not something we’ve imposed on Canada. But the world is watching,”

Get stuffed.

Why don’t we pay more attention to those companies and people that are still doing business in Russia, supporting their war against Ukraine?

There are still HUNDREDS of American companies doing business in Russia.

Only 28 American companies have fully pulled out of Russia.

In 2021, American companies provided jobs for 410,700 people in Russia and generated $67.8 bn in annual revenue. These companies controlled $51.5 bn in capital and $31.1 bn in assets.

Overall, more than 1,600 international companies are still operating in Russia, generating at least $171 billion of local revenue annually, approximately 10% of Russia’s GDP. They pay enough taxes to fund 50 percent of Russia’s military budget. “At a time when Americans are donating what they can to support Ukrainians and their government is providing tens of billions of dollars’ worth of military and financial aid to defend Ukraine, American corporations are helping fund the Russian war effort. Nearly 9 months into the war, more than 600 American businesses continue to turn a profit in Russia and indirectly subsidize Putin’s war machine. Any company that prioritizes profit and Putin over the people of Ukraine must cut ties with Russia or be held to account,” said Bennett Freeman, former Senior VP for Sustainability Research and Policy at Calvert Investments and member of B4Ukraine steering committee.

TEN PERCENT of Russia’s GDP originates from American activity in Russia, resulting in roughly $170 billion in economic value.

How about we extract that money from these companies and the shareholders that support them instead of bitching that Canadian taxpayers aren’t paying their fair share for an unjust and unprovoked war against the Ukraine?

Please stop trying to make Canada a scapegoat with your military madness and focus instead on the people and companies responsible for what’s happening.