September 14, 2022

Pierre Pentaverate Strikes Again!

By admin

Is it me, or are others already sick of hearing the CBC and other media sources bloat up Pierre Pentaverate as he seeks out villainous communists and freedom-haters everywhere?

Just in case you’re NOT sure who I’m talking about, it’s the newly appointed leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (aka the Convoy Party of Canada aka the Conspiracy Party of Canada), Pierre Poilievre.

What a “character”.

Here comes my rant …

Using words like ‘slave’ and ‘master’ in his inaugural speech to Canadians.

What a nasty piece of business.

Anger and Vitriol.

He uses a lexicon that’s straight from the racist, terrorist, xen0phobic manifesto of the Freedumbers.

He’s worse than Harper.

Talking about ‘elites’? He IS an elite!


Here’s the guy who was a key players with the Robocall platform in 2011. And sweeping it under the rug.

Pierre Pentaverate would have us believe the same nonsense that Mike Myers spewed about (as a joke!) inĀ So I Married an Axe Murderer. He sincerely seems to believe that there are 5 people or organizations in the world that are trying to control us.

It’s time Pierre Pentaverate stopped checking out these sites and started reading some real news.